Lisa B. Dubrow, Esq.

Lisa B. Dubrow is a lawyer specializing in advertising, consumer protection and privacy law. She counsels clients on legal issues surrounding the advertising and marketing of goods and services, including how to comply with subscription and recurring billing business models. Her practice encompasses consumer protection issues, the security and privacy of consumer databases, state and federal compliance with all methods of sales including e-commerce, direct mail and telemarketing, negative option sales, “back-end issues” related to consumer payments, behavioral marketing, influential and real-time marketing, licensing and affiliate sales arrangements, and the negotiation and drafting of contracts pertaining to product development, marketing and sales, including those with vendors, agencies, fulfillment, distribution, talent, production and media.

Ms. Dubrow is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of SUNY Binghamton. She received her law degree from New York University School of Law. She has earned the credentials of being a Certified Information Privacy Professional in the United States and Europe and a Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPP/US, CIPP/E, CIPM) through the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

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Vermont Updates Automatic Renewal Online Cancellation Provisions

Lisa B. Dubrow, Esq. explains new updates to Vermont’s Automatic Renewal Online Cancellation Provisions which goes into effect on July 1, 2020.
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New Pending Bill In CA Addressing Automatically Renewing Offers

I would like to bring to your attention a bill pending in California regarding automatically renewing offers which has already passed unanimously in committee and is on its way to a to full house chamber...

VISA Delays Enhanced Descriptor Requirement Until April 2021

VISA has announced an Emergency COVID-related Operational Business update and this announcement delays VISA’s enhanced descriptor requirement until April 2021 with proactive compliance enforcement put on hold for the time being. All other aspects of the policy including clear T&Cs upon enrollment, reminder notification, and online cancellation remain in effect as of April 18, 2020. Lisa B. Dubrow, Esq. explains.

Third Party Reviews: Be Truthful or Else

The FTC knows that third-party review sites and the opinions of other customers carry a great deal of persuasive weight. But watch out: the FTC has filed yet another enforcement action reminding sellers that ratings which are the product of buying and selling between the "independent" review site and companies willing to pay for better play, or from employees acting on instructions to stuff the ballot box with five-star ratings are not objective and violate…

VISA Promotional and Trial Offer FAQs Coming in February

VISA will be releasing FAQs focused on promotional and trial offers in February. Lisa B. Dubrow, Esq. outlines what to expect.

[UPDATE] New VISA Rules for Free Introductory Promotional Terms or Free Trials

VISA has issued new rules concerning the acceptance, disclosure and notice obligations of merchants conducting free trial offers and introductory or promotional offers that convert to paid programs. Lisa B. Dubrow, Esq. explains these changes that go into effect on April 18, 2020.