Subscription Insider Team

Subscription Insider Team

How to Engage Subscribers via Their Banks

Learn how subscription companies need to navigate this new world of subscriber-to-bank cancellations! Leading subscription and fintech expert, Erica Katsambis, VP at Minna Technologies, will talk you through the data and impact of bank cancellations by your subscribers. She has a deep understanding of why banking apps are so trusted by your subscribers and have more touchpoints with your subscribers than you are tracking. Erica will show how to engage and retain subscribers, while recovering and growing recurring revenue, in-directly, through banking apps.  

Five Key Growth Levers for High-Complexity Subscriptions

For high-volume and complex subscription companies, it’s critical to identify growth levers that will build your business. From there, you need to get your plan operational so that it can grow your company as the economy becomes increasingly uncertain (and capital becomes more precious).

How to Create Short-Term Gains in Subscriber LTV

With rising inflation and higher day-to-day costs, many consumers are facing financial hardship and are cutting their subscriptions to reduce spending. Learn how to actively work to increase subscriber retention to improve Lifetime Value (LTV), revenue, and profitability growth.

How To NEVER Lose A Subscriber

Understand how to reimagine your relationship with subscribers to drive loyalty and grow revenue. This on-demand webinar focuses on teaching retention strategies that reduce subscriber churn, upsell and cross-sell revenue, and drive member loyalty to grow your business.

Mastering the Art of Pricing

8 Ways Media Brands Are Driving Subscriber Growth

Are you ready to learn how to drive subscriber growth in your subscription business? This on-demand webinar focuses on specific subscriber growth tactics that subscription media companies can take and test in their own businesses. Learn subscriber lifecycle optimization, product positioning ideas, payment strategies, testing tactics and future trends that my impact your growth.

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