Five on Friday, July 16, 2021: Pirating, Training and Tweeting

Five on Friday: Pirating, Training and Tweeting

LIVIT launches tiered subscription plan; UK man is jailed for pirating Premier League subscriptions; Twitter tests new conversation settings.
Cloud services fuel Microsoft's revenue growth in FY21 Q2.

Microsoft Announces Windows 365, a Secure, Versatile Cloud-Based Operating System

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the launch of Windows 365, a secure, versatile cloud-based operating system, available to businesses on Aug. 2, 2021.

Improve Your Customer Retention With These 5 Easy Steps

Subscription-based businesses are beginning to realize that the true indicator of growth and company longevity has more to do with a flourishing customer retention rate. Simply put, the customer retention rate reflects your company’s ability to maintain company-consumer relationships over a period of time. Casey Padgett walks through how to calculate your subscriber retention rate and 5 tips on how to improve it.
USA TODAY Puts Premium Content Behind Paywall

USA TODAY Puts Premium Content Behind Paywall

USA TODAY announced Wednesday that its premium content will go behind a paywall, but "much of its content" will remain free.

Forbes Launches Lead Generation Subscription Service

Forbes wants to help marketing partners reach their target audiences using Forbes content through the media company’s new lead generation subscription service, Forbes Demand Engine.

What’s the Next Chapter in the Story of D2C?

D2C has taken on a complete life and infrastructure of its own. It’s not just the “mom and pop” stores that are selling directly to consumers, like in the early eBay days. Now, even the biggest brands with global retail distribution networks are trying out the direct-to-consumer route.
Five on Friday: Fundraising, Investigating, Suing

Five on Friday: Fundraising, Investigating and Suing

Piano raises $88M, Epic Games and Apple face off in court, CMA looks at auto-renewal practices of anti-virus software companies.

25 Reasons Your Payments Fail and What You Can Do About It

Don’t forget the “Forgotten Funnel” at the back end of your business to keep a healthy volume of loyal, paying customers. Here then are 25 reasons why a payment might be declined in your subscription-based business.’s Casey Graham outlines strategies to recover all 25 of them.
Weekly Subscription News: Circulation, Subscription Management and Sales

Weekly Subscription News: Circulation, Subscription Management and Sales

Biotech mogul says papers need govt. aid, Tripadvisor seeks credit card partners, Ericsson launches subscription service for remote offices.
Five on Friday: Recalls, Buyouts and Sharing

Five on Friday: Recalls, Buyouts and Sharing

Peloton says recalls will cost them $165M, Hearst offers buyouts to 600, FuboTV adds 43K subscribers.

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