SiriusXM Launches Platinum VIP Subscription Package

SiriusXM announced the launch of a new subscription tier - the Platinum VIP package - a comprehensive subscription with special perks and exclusives.
HBO announces Launch of Ad-Supported Tier

HBO and HBO Max Add 2.8 Million New Domestic Subscribers in Q2 2021

In its Q2 2021 financials, AT&T's WarnerMedia reported strong revenue and subscriber growth, driven by HBO Max.

Five on Friday: Collectives, Coffee and Consumer Behavior

Amazon explains reviews, Amora Coffee celebrates 10 years, and Slate turns advice columns into cash.
Netflix to close dormant subscriptions

Netflix Finishes Q2 with 209M Paid Members, Ahead of Forecast

Netflix finishes the second quarter of 2021 with 209 million paid members, ahead of forecast.
Netflix to close dormant subscriptions

Netflix Plans to Add Video Games Next Year

Netflix plans to add video games to its streaming platform in 2022, helping the company expand reach and diversify revenue.
Weekly Subscription News: Circulation, Subscription Management and Sales

Weekly Subscription News: Platforms, Publications and Probes

Trump sues Facebook, Twitter and Google for censorship; FTC opens probe of Amazon's proposed purchase of MGM; Apple shows an interest in NFL Sunday Ticket.
Google Offers 70% Revenue Share to Developers of New Stadia Games

Google Offers 70% Revenue Share to Developers of New Stadia Games

Google hopes to attract more Stadia game developers with financial incentives including a 70% revenue share for new games.
Five on Friday, July 16, 2021: Pirating, Training and Tweeting

Five on Friday: Pirating, Training and Tweeting

LIVIT launches tiered subscription plan; UK man is jailed for pirating Premier League subscriptions; Twitter tests new conversation settings.
Cloud services fuel Microsoft's revenue growth in FY21 Q2.

Microsoft Announces Windows 365, a Secure, Versatile Cloud-Based Operating System

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the launch of Windows 365, a secure, versatile cloud-based operating system, available to businesses on Aug. 2, 2021.

Improve Your Customer Retention With These 5 Easy Steps

Subscription-based businesses are beginning to realize that the true indicator of growth and company longevity has more to do with a flourishing customer retention rate. Simply put, the customer retention rate reflects your company’s ability to maintain company-consumer relationships over a period of time. Casey Padgett walks through how to calculate your subscriber retention rate and 5 tips on how to improve it.

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