Kathleen Greenler Sexton

Kathy Greenler Sexton is the CEO & Publisher of Subscription Insider, a digital media company that delivers intelligence on how to build, market and sell subscription-based products and services.(www.subscriptioninsider.com) She is a recognized expert in digital subscription business models, market strategy, brand development, and digital information products. Prior to Subscription Insider, Kathy led the SIIA Content Division as its VP & General Manager growing membership and revenue while helping media, publishing and information companies navigate the dramatic changes in content creation, business models, and technology. Kathy played key executive roles in the successful sale of Individual.com, NewsAlert/ Inlumen, and HighBeam Research. She launched and led the growth of leading digital brands including AltaVista, Individual.com, and HighBeam Research. She also executed turn-around and new-to-market solutions for SIIA, ZoomInfo, Business & Legal Resources, Inlumen, and OrderMotion. Kathy is a frequent speaker at industry conferences on the Subscription Economy. She lives in the greater-Boston area with her husband and son is an avid skier and Boston sports fan.


Declined Payment Notification: Three Approaches

Not all failed recurring payments can be saved with an Account Updater update. Failed payments can be for a variety of reasons from cancelled cards, cards opted-out of Account Updater services, or declined transactions due to credit limit issues. In this sample, we show three very different approaches to notifying subscribers about a declined payment and requesting updated payment information. (Plus, a bonus at the end, Subscription Insiders own notice!)

Getting Your Subscribers to Update Payment Information: Three Approaches

Are you receiving more alerts notifying you of expiring cards? We have and frankly, its no surprise with the increase in the volume of payment cards that been reissued. Without that updated payment information, subscribers and members will not get renewed successfully. In this sample, we show you real examples of payment card update notices from three separate companies, with three very different approaches to getting their subscribers to update their payment information. Plus, a bonus, Subscription Insiders own notice!

25 Subscription Management and Billing Platforms that support Account Updater Services

Does your subscription management or billing platform connect you to Account Updater – a service offered by Visa, MasterCard, Discover and more recently, American Express – that provides updated payment card information to help merchants manage involuntary churn issues? With this directory of 25 subscription management and billing platforms that support account updater services, you’ll be able to create a short list of vendor contenders for your subscription business based on applicable industry experience, existing customers, payment gateways and processors supported, as well as pricing.

The Legal Issues Presented by ‘Real-Time’ Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an increasingly important part of the marketing mix, do you (or your team) understand the potential pitfalls that could have a significant and negative impact on your company? In this on-demand training session, understand the legal issues involved with real-time marketing and how to successfully navigate them.

Top Five Payment-Processing Challenges in 2016

In this on-demand version of “Five Payment-Processing Challenges in 2016: How to Reduce Their Impact and Keep More of Your Recurring Revenue” you’ll get details on the five biggest subscription payment-processing challenges and the and best practices you can use to mitigate the negative impact these trends could have on your bottom line.

The Membership Economy: Why everyone is moving from ownership to access

Want to turbo charge your membership business? Robbie Kellman Baxter, author of The Membership Economy, walks us through what membership-focused organizations can learn from other business models and teaches us how to leverage and apply ideas to our own membership & subscription businesses in the on-demand webinar.

Chip Cards: Don’t Let a Good Thing Crush Your Bottom-line

In 2013 and 2014, more than 30% of all credit cards in the US were reissued due to fraud and major merchant customer databases being compromised (e.g. Target, Home Depot, Anthem and others). As a Card-Not-Present (CNP) merchant, we are sure you have been working hard to mitigate churn in your customers due to this. It’s a big issue! Think updating 30% of your cards on file is a challenge? Think again, the biggest disruption is right here, right now. In this on-demand webinar, Paul Larsen, Founder and Managing Partner of PLC and our INSIDER Guide to Payment Processing, discusses why the Chip Credit Cards will completely upend your Card-not-presence business – and how your business needs to prepare for these changes.