Denice Sakakeeny


How to Secure Budget for Subscriber Retention Initiatives

Does your CFO always say no to your budget requests?Learn what your CFO needs to hear so you can secure budget for your Subscriber Retention Initiatives. In this on-demand seminar, get inside the mind of a CFO, understand how they prioritize expenditures and learn how to convince them to loosen the purse strings for your engagement and retention programs.

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Build vs. Buy: Should You Build Your Own Tools for Your Subscription Business?

Resource allocation is often the Achilles heel of growing SaaS or subscription-based businesses. Many organizations opt to build their own tools to manage critical processes. But when does it make sense to DIY? When does building your own tools impede growth? When should you hack it?

The Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring Your First CFO

Its time to hire your SaaS or subscription-based companys first CFO. Your organization is in a position to warrant a professional executive in this role, and you generally know what youre looking for in a CFO. But, how can you be sure that the CFO youre hiring truly meets your needs? Subscription-based businesses require certain capabilities and expertise around process and structure to function properly. Denice Sakakeeny, our Subscription Insider guide to SaaS finance and operations outline the four key do’s and don’t of hiring your first CFO.

Insider Guide Bio for Saas Finance and Growth, Denice Sakakeeny

Get the inside view, tips and strategies on SaaS recurring revenue strategies with Denice Sakakeeny, our INSIDER Guide to SaaS Finance and Growth. Denice’s Background: Denice Sakakeeny is a sought-after operational consultant with nearly 20 years of experience guiding SaaS, cloud, and high-tech organizations through the most challenging parts of their lifecycle. She partners with early-stage startup founders to establish the infrastructure and structure need to launch or pivot their companies or products. She also guides foreign…