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When a business accepts a payment from a subscriber — everything from processing the initial payment method, processing renewal payments, and securely communicating in real-time through the global payment networks to the customer’s bank to approve that payment, through the payment ultimately being deposited into that business’s bank account, is payment processing. 

Payment processing vendors can specialize by geography, industry, or even stage of business. They can be a stand-alone partner in your technology stack or already integrated into a subscription management or billing platform. Research and choose what is best for your subscription business! Please note that the listings below include services, tools, and platforms with expertise and a focus on recurring-focused products and services; not all payment processing vendors have recurring-revenue experience and the appropriate tools to support a subscription business!

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We recover credit card declines. It’s our entire focus. We built an AI-Driven software that analyzes the attributes of billions of transactions to save money in chargebacks. It massively lowers churn! Bonus? The management of chargebacks, low approval rates, and processing costs
Payment processing built specifically for recurring and subscription-based businesses. Payway is a proven payment service provider helping card-not-present businesses simplify and accelerate transaction processing for improved cash flow and significantly lowered cost
Link Money provides open-banking solutions that allow businesses to save up to 70% on payment processing fees.  Our flagship consumer-facing brand, LinkPay, enables customers to pay directly with their bank accounts. Consumers can make subscription payments, renew, and make one-time purchases with unprecedented ease.
Worldpay offers payment processing with real-time data, allowing you to see orders in your dashboard as they arrive. You’ll be able to see the live status of orders and view conversion rates at any given time with detailed transaction reports is a matter of a couple of clicks.
Safely receive payments in Africa, Asia, and Latin America and drive conversion rates to all-time highs from one account that delivers a flexible, all-encompassing payments solution that unlocks new revenues and maximizes reach in growth markets.
Nacha governs the thriving ACH Network, the payment system that drives safe, smart, and fast Direct Deposits and Direct Payments with the capability to reach all U.S. bank and credit union accounts.
The world of payment processing has changed. Our future-proof technology allows businesses to accept cutting-edge payment options, optimize new revenue streams, and get the most out of your existing stack—all on one platform. We are your partner, both strategic and technological.
We are subscription management embedded in banking and fintech apps. We fuel the subscription economy, partnering with top-tier banks, fintechs, and subscription businesses to grow revenue, reduce operational costs, and drive engagement, retention, and lifetime value.
We’re changing the way that bills are presented and paid. From local municipalities to Fortune 500s, we work with businesses of every size across all industries to make it easier to communicate with customers, deliver electronic bills, and receive payments.
Stop losing customers to failed payments. When you plug into Churn Buster, you have a payments recovery process backed by powerful automation and a dedicated team of retention pros.

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