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Tap into the legal expertise your organization needs for issues ranging from copyright, intellectual property, privacy, and contracts—to legal expertise focused on subscription-specific regulations targeting subscription offers, free trials, special promotions, marketing copy, auto-renewal notification, tax, consumer privacy, financial reporting, payment processes, and more.

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Lisa B. Dubrow, Esq. specializes in advertising and consumer protection issues, including specifically how to comply with rules and regulations focused on subscription and recurring billing business models with a focus on compliance with federal and state consumer protection laws
Cobalt is singularly focused on providing high quality, timely and practical legal advice for our clients. Services include: Trademark and Copyright, Marketing, Advertising, Promotions, Regulatory Investigations and Agreements/Transactional.
We confidentially investigate and acquire intellectual property. Over 1.8 billion people actively use intellectual property, domain names, and social media handles secured by Marksmen.

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