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The product journey, from product or service idea, design, and market release, to managing that product or service throughout its product life cycle, involves many stages and types of expertise. These tools, services, and platforms can support your business through that journey.

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Thales Sentinel is the recognized leader in software licensing solutions for businesses, helping customers optimize their software to generate new revenue streams, improve operational efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and gain valuable business insights.
DigitalRoute has the only purpose-built platform to convert raw usage data into billable items, enabling companies to capitalize on the growing wave of usage-based business models. More than 400 companies rely on our platform for usage-based monetization, quote-to-cash, more.
Zephr is a leading subscription experience platform, accelerating revenue growth for the world’s leading digital publishing and media companies. With a best-in-breed solution, Zephr combines an intuitive user interface and plug-and-play integrations to let commercial and technical teams develop powerful subscription relationships and deliver personalised experiences.
Mastering pricing strategy is the fastest path to a short-term boost and a dominating long-term strategy. We help you develop a deep knowledge of your customers’ perceived value. This new awareness can transform many aspects of your business.
Unlock the difference between what customers want and what they tell you to build, and keep them with you beyond a single product lifecycle. Our mission at Innovate on Purpose is to help organizations succeed at the intersection of what their markets need and who they want to be.
From strategy and road mapping to implementation and delivery, our clients depend on W. Capra to execute their most vital technology and security initiatives across all phases of the project life cycle.

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