Aptitude Subscription Management

Innovate, transform, and embrace the subscription revolution to drive recurring revenues.

Aptitude partners and consults enterprise media businesses and unlocks the flexibility, agility, and scalability essential for monetizing any product or service and powering the entire subscriber lifecycle. This enables clients to create tailored products, bundles, promotions, and pricing in minutes to maximize recurring revenue growth and retention.

Aptitude’s eSuite supports growth ambitions by unlocking the widest range of global payment methods for media while drastically reducing compliance obligations for our clients. By centralizing the entire subscriber lifecycle, the platform can generate extensive real-time data to trigger events and feed the wider ecosystem, support first-party data strategies and provide financial data to our revenue recognition engine to report & realize revenues quicker.

Aptitude Subscription Management

Aptitude eSuite is a subscriber management platform that reduces time-to-market and total cost of ownership by centralizing and automating the entire subscriber lifecycle, from acquisition and billing to retention and revenue recognition, underpinned by data.
  • Best-of-breed, centralized cloud technology to maximize acquisition revenues, optimize LTV & reduce churn
  • Specialist partner of choice for leading enterprise media companies worldwide
  • SaaS model providing omnichannel product flexibility, scalability, and speed-to-market
  • Empowers commercial teams to launch any business model & endless product bundles across any channel
  • Unlock a wealth of data to inform business decisions and develop first-party data strategies
  • Proven ability to increase operational efficiencies and reduce total-cost-of-ownership
  • Centralizes and significantly reduces compliance obligations and associated costs

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