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As subscription commerce grows to record levels, so has fraud and “friendly fraud” (AKA: Chargebacks). Fraud is any type of false or illegal transaction by bad actors and can include phishing, merchant identity scams, page jacking, fee and wire transfer scams, and more. Chargeback fraud is where consumers initiate disputes with their bank to overturn a transaction for an illegitimate reason. Tap into the deep expertise of these fraud and chargeback management tools and services to help your subscription businesses manage these threats and recover revenue.

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Ethoca provides secure e-commerce fraud and chargeback protection and is an award-winning provider of collaboration-based solutions that empower businesses to fight fraud, prevent disputes and improve the customer experience.
Chargeback Gurus provides end-to-end transaction dispute management services to leading brands around the world. We help businesses recover revenue lost to chargebacks and proactively prevent disputes from happening in the first place.
We deliver the best in software and white glove support to make sure you can combat fraud, prevent and resolve costly chargebacks, increase your billings, and your build brand loyalty with secure and easy-to-use technology.

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