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Businesses that leverage a recurring-revenue subscription model have unique financial modeling and accounting requirements and must follow specific revenue recognition rules. Ensure you partner with financial, tax, and accounting partners with deep expertise in recurring revenue. These vendors specialize in subscriptions, recurring revenue finance, tax, and accounting.

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Aptitude subscription management & billing platform enables innovation and transformation, helping our clients to create tailored products, bundles, promotions, and pricing in minutes to maximize recurring revenue growth and retention–critical flexibility, agility, and scalability essential for monetizing any product or service and powering the entire subscriber lifecycle.
Younium is the subscription management hub for B2B companies to streamline subscription management, invoicing, financial reporting, and data insights enabling growing businesses to have full control of subscriptions, easily implement scalable processes, and harness more accurate metrics – meaning they spend less time on manual administration and never miss an opportunity to secure revenue.
Tax compliance solutions empowering companies of all sizes to do business anywhere, anytime – without friction. Vertex provides solutions that can be tailored to specific industries for major lines of indirect tax, including sales and consumer use, value added and payroll.
FinStrat Management (“FSM”) is an outsourced financial department services firm, exclusively serving subscription businesses. Our fractional CFO-led teams streamline financial operation processes, recognize revenue in accordance with ASC 606, and excel at providing comprehensive business modeling.

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