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By Any Other Name: A Look at Rent as a Subscription Service

Rent is a really expensive monthly subscription to not being homeless. So say the folks on social media ... and the data backs them up. Moreover, a growing number of housing-as-a-service startups are seeing it that way too.
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Subscription Insider is uniquely focused on the business of subscriptions.

Subscription Insider is uniquely focused on the business of subscriptions.
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Unboxing Videos: Viral Social Marketing Thats Perfectly Designed For Subscription Box Services

In the wider universe of influencer marketing, video bloggers who share the experience of opening a subscription box are offering those services a powerful publicity assist. More than half of Americans have seen at least one vlogger video ever, and 30% watch at least one a week. In another survey, 32% of Americans say they depend on video sites such as YouTube to find out about new products. With the huge popularity of influencers who are using video to unbox products, thats an amazing opportunity for companies that sell boxes by subscription.

STATPACK: Influencer Marketing Trends 2019

Globally, brands have increased their Influencer Marketing budgets by 39%. And, no wonder. The impact of influencers on global consumer purchasing is growing, with 20% to 30% of their respective audiences/followers purchasing a product. Have you ever thought of using Influencers? Do you have the confidence that an Influencer program could yield the right ROI for your subscription business?In this STATPACK focused on Influencer Marketing trends, you will learn how companies are leveraging Influencers, why they are using them, how they compensate and how effective they are, including:
Spending and budgeting trends of Influencer Marketing.
Strategies and tactics trends of Influencer Marketing.
Instagram Influencer Marketing trends.
YouTube and video Influencer Marketing trends.
Fashion, cosmetic & luxury Influencer Marketing trends.
Consumer perception trends of Influencer Marketing.
This STATPACK is 91 pages, editable, with 39 updated and detailed charts with reference information for your research and citations. Check out the detailed table of contents below.

Detroit Steps On The Gas: Why More Car Makers Are Launching Subscription Services

Car makers are churning out cars at a record pace -- up 4.7% in December. To move this excess inventory, car makers are pushing Americans towards higher debt and riskier loans. They are also looking into more creative ways to use inventory, including car subscription services. More and more auto companies are rolling these out.

Paid Podcasts: Traditionally Free Content Steps Softly Toward Subscription

More than 70 million Americans are now podcast listeners, and 23% of them say they would definitely pay for ad-free premium episodes. Those numbers are forecast to rise, and premium delivery methods are evolving to increase ease of use and variety of offerings. The subscription podcast market seems poised for growth.

Call for Speakers: Subscription Show 2019

Subscription Insider announced today its Call for Speakers for Subscription Show 2019. Subscription Show 2019, an industry conference focused on the business of subscriptions, will be hosted at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston, MA, Nov. 4-6, 2019. Subscription Insider will be accepting speaker proposals through February 1, 2019.