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10 Most Popular STATPACKS of 2018

Have you checked out our STATPACKS yet? They are editable PowerPoint reports with Subscription focusing in on key trends you should understand. Use STATPACKS charts and data for your market and budget planning, creating your business plan or even competitive analysis. Each STATPACK includes dozens of charts and analysis and – wow – have they been popular! Our most popular STATPACKS in 2018 included trend analysis on SVOD, Digital Coupons, Mobile App Monetization, B2B Marketing, Marketing Technology, Meal Kits, Online Search, Facebook, Streaming, and E-commerce.

STATPACK: Online Meal Kit Delivery Service Trends

Did you know that the average meal-kit duration is 4 weeks or less for 65% of subscribers? We cover this, and a whole lot more, in our latest Subscription Insider STATPACK examining the trends of the online meal kit delivery service industry worldwide (with a special focus on the United States). We examine market trends including revenue, key players, market share, and how the meal-kits segment fits into the overall subscription industry. We look at two leading players in this market: Blue Apron and HelloFresh. We also explore consumer behavior. This is an editable 70-page PowerPoint deck with 30 charts.

STATPACK: Marketing Technology Trends

This Subscription Insider STATPACK provides statistical information about trends in marketing technology and its implementation. Understand adoption trends, platforms, M&A activity, budgets & spending, salaries & positions related to marketing technology, use and effectiveness, and even the use of AI within platforms.Subscription Insider STATPACKS are charts and data that you can use for your market and budget planning, creating your business plan or even competitive analysis. Download this is editable 84-page PowerPoint deck with 37 charts with three embedded Excel charts.

How to Supercharge Subscription Growth through Great Subscriber Experiences

Anyone (successful) in the world of subscriptions understands the many unique details we need to stay on top of in order to grow and scale our businesses. For subscription businesses, a key detail is the promise of recurring value, that we must achieve is every part of our subscriber’s experience with our brand. In other words, it requires delivering a delightful subscription experience.

STATPACK: Digital Video Trends in the U.S.

Will Subscription Video on Demand (SVoD) growth flatten out by 2020? Will Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) grow? Our data says, yes. Stay on top of market trends with our Subscription Insider STATPACK focused on digital video in the United States, including revenue and user and projections through 2022. It is 40 pages, editable, with 16 detailed charts.

Apple Bets That Customers Will Pay for a Bite Every Month

Apple is pushing hard toward subscriptions both in its app store and with its latest cloud and hardware offerings. But the personal computer giant is not blazing a trail with software as a service for consumers: Microsoft and Adobe got there first.

STATPACK: Social Content Sharing

Sharing content, by consumers and businesses alike, is the goal of so many on social media. But how many are effectively sharing their content, to how many and is ti effective? In this Subscription Insider STATPACK, we explore social content sharing among internet users. It highlights photo and video sharing apps, as well as the sharing of personal information via social networks online. This STATPACK is 109 pages, editable, with 50 detailed charts and four embedded excel tables.

STATPACK: Online Fashion Sales Trends

Fashion-related Subscription Boxes are big, literally changing how consumers discover and find new wardrobe items for their closets. This Subscription Insider STATPACK presents insights and statistics on the fashion e-commerce market in the United States. It provides an overview of the market volume and statistics on consumer spending and shopping behavior. It also includes data on the most relevant online retailers and websites, as well as information on mobile shopping and digital payment usage.