10 Most Popular STATPACKS of 2018

Have you checked out our STATPACKS yet? They are editable PowerPoint reports with Subscription focusing in on key trends you should understand. Use STATPACKS charts and data for your market and budget planning, creating your business plan or even competitive analysis. Each STATPACK includes dozens of charts and analysis and – wow – have they been popular!

Our most popular STATPACKS in 2018 included trend analysis on SVOD, Digital Coupons, Mobile App Monetization, B2B Marketing, Marketing Technology, Meal Kits, Online Search, Facebook, Streaming, and E-commerce.


#1: Digital Video Trends

Will Subscription Video on Demand (SVoD) growth flatten out by 2020? Will Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) grow? Our data says, yes. Learn about these trends and more in our STATPACK focused on digital video including detailed trend data on usage and revenue monetization trends.  

#2: Digital Coupons and Deals Trends

Digital Coupons may seem like a strange topic for subscriptions, but really, it isn't. B2B and B2C subscription companies in-the-know understand how they drive new customers and have been using them for years.  We look at digital coupons trends and especially, the platforms now popular with consumers that aggregate coupons for their users. This STATPACK includes analysis of how consumers are leveraging coupons, mobile coupon usage, coupon utilization by industry, coupon and loyalty behavior, and more.  

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#3: Mobile App Monetization Trends

Subscription mobile app are doing very well, thank you. How well? This Subscription Insider STATPACK provides insights and statistics on mobile app monetization, including subscription-based mobile apps. It includes an overview of leading app store metrics as well as various forecasts regarding app revenue and contains statistics on app stores, gaming apps, app buyers, and information on the most relevant trends.

#4: B2B Marketing Trends

Marketing Business-to-Business (B2B) information, data and services businesses are very different than consumer marketing. The challenge is, much of the data focused on marketing is consumer focused. Not anymore. This Subscription Insider STATPACK provides trends for B2B marketing, its leaders, plus B2B marketing strategy and effectiveness trends. Most absolutely shocking stat to us? Only 39% of B2B companies have a formal marketing plan … in 2018!

#5: Marketing Technology Trends

Technology is so critical. Learn about the trends in marketing technology and its implementation in this STATPACK. Understand adoption trends, platforms, M&A activity, budgets & spending, salaries & positions related to marketing technology, use and effectiveness, and even the use of AI within platforms. 

#6: Online Meal Kit Delivery Service Trends

Did you know that the average meal-kit duration is 4 weeks or less for 65% of subscribers? We cover this, and a whole lot more focusing on the trends of the online meal kit delivery service industry worldwide (with a special focus on the United States). We examine at the market trends including revenue, key players, market share, and how the meal-kits segment fits into the overall subscription industry. We look at two leading players in this market: Blue Apron and HelloFresh. We also explore consumer behavior.

#7: STATPACK: Online Search Usage Trends

Search is still a valuable tool in your marketing toolkit. This STATPACK explores that state of search in 2018 with information on the most important companies, search volume, as well as the growing importance of mobile search and VDA (virtual digital assistant) usage for search. While there is no surprise that Google is still the leader, there are other search options and interesting trends to be aware of. Based on your business, you may find opportunities. For example, the number of keywords searchers use is still low. This shows an opportunity to still craft a cost-effective long-tail search campaign to reach buyers. There are lots more insights enclosed, including market share, customer satisfaction data, mobile, search behavior, search advertising and marketing trends and more.

#8: Facebook Trends

Facebook not only dominates our social streams but is the market leader. Subscription Insider's STATPACK presents trends, insights and statistics of the company's financials, global reach as well as extensive data on user demographics and usage behavior. It also explores advertising revenue, advertisers, publishers, and also touches upon brand interaction and social gaming – all important trends to benchmark as Facebook quickly evolves its algorithms and products responding to recent criticisms.

#9: Streaming Trends in the U.S.

The Streaming market is growing, with Subscription Streaming accounting for 70% of the $13.66 digital home entertainment market. Understand the latest streaming trends, usage, and more, for Music, Radio, Video, Television streaming services. 

#10: E-Commerce Trends Worldwide

This Subscription Insider STATPACK provides statistics and facts on the global online retail e-commerce market. It includes data regarding the global e-commerce market volume as well as information on digital shoppers and consumer spending, as well as mobile commerce and digital payments.

BONUS: Facebook Marketing Trends

Advertising on Facebook is an effective marketing tool for B2B and B2C subscription companies. With the recent changes to its algorithm, it's now more important than ever to reach and engages your target customers. Learn about user adoption, revenue, usage and effectiveness, ad revenue and user engagement trends as well as how using Facebook as a marketing solution stacks up against its competition. 

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