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STATPACK: Amazon Prime Trends

By the end of 2018, Amazon Prime counted 101 Million members. With monthly and annual plans, Amazon Prime members qualify for expedited shipping, enjoy media streaming and other exclusive digital services plus members-only shopping offers on Amazon Prime Day.Why does Amazon offer so much to its Prime Subscribers? Its simple, the average spend of an Amazon Prime member versus a non-Prime member is 133% higher!This Subscription Insider STATPACK is focused on Amazon Prime trends. This 102 page, editable PowerPoint STATPACK includes trend information on Revenue, Prime Users, Product Reach including e-commerce and streaming-entertainment, Usage, Shopping behavior, Prime Day, and more.
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Subscription Insider is uniquely focused on the business of subscriptions.

Subscription Insider is uniquely focused on the business of subscriptions.
We deliver the information, training and research that subscription entrepreneurs, executives, and their teams need to support improved decision making, skills, and profitability.


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How to Prevent Subscription Revenue Leakage

Acquisition is just the beginning of the customers relationship with your brand. And while the quality of acquisition is very important, monetization and retention are so much more important for healthy growth. Each stage that follows acquisition - activation, up-sell and cross-sell, upgrades, renewals, and retention - represents a distinct moment that impacts revenue. Learn where on your subscriber's journey you are losing revenue and what to do about it in this on-demand webinar.

STATPACK: Digital Advertising Trends in the U.S.

In this Subscription Insider STATPACK, we look at Digital Advertising trends, including:Understanding how ad spend and budgets are changing;Examining the revenue of all the digital advertising platforms and publishers;Looking at digital advertising effectiveness compared of traditional advertising, what the most effective digital marketing techniques are, Ad ROI by medium, purchasing impact, and more;Understanding consumer perception of digital advertising by ad type, the leading types of ads, the reasons people block ads, consumer attitudes toward different ads, how different age groups view the relevance of online advertising; and, much more.This STATPACK is 96 pages and fully editable for your use in your marketing, business development, and business planning.

STATPACK: Online dating trends in the United States

Online dating is the ultimate subscription. If you are involved or thinking of getting involved in the business of online dating, this Subscription Inside STATPACK is for you. We present the latest trends and facts about online dating in the United States, including: The market outlook for online dating users and revenue, Demographic profiles of online dating users, A review of the most popular dating apps and online services, Usage of dating apps and online services, Common attitudes and beliefs regarding…

STATPACK: Internet of Things (IoT) in the U.S.

Smart Homes, Connected Cars, Smart Metering, even Smart Luggage are all examples of Internet of Things (IoT) subscriptions.In this Subscription Insider STATPACK, we explore the trends, facts and forecasts about the Internet of Things (IoT) in the United States including information on:The overall North American and U.S. IoT market sizing trends,Different submarkets including Enterprise IoT, Passive Devices, Metering, Cards, Homes and more,Mobile connections/users related to IoT,The number of connected devices and things, and,Adoption rate trends.Download this editable STATPACK for your market and product research, presentations and more.