6 Most-Read How-To Articles

How-to manage lapsed subscribers, how-to manage subscription customer service, how-to manage payments: these are just some of the how-to topics we covered in 2018.

How-to manage lapsed subscribers, how-to manage subscription customer service, how-to manage payments: these are just some of the how-to topics we covered in 2018. Here are the six most-read how-to articles from 2018.

  1. Re-engagement Redux: Why Lapsed Subscribers Make the Best Prospects, and How to Bring Them Back
    How much would you pay for a list of leads who are demonstrably interested in your subscription service, are proven subscription purchasers, and are familiar with your subscription brand? Hint: You already own that list. Through careful testing, it is possible to craft effective, targeted messaging that can bring lapsed subscribers back into the fold.
  2. Customer Service Out in the World: Social Media and Your Online Reputation
    A third of consumers have complained about companies on social media, and almost 40 percent are OK with using social channels for customer support. What’s your strategy for serving these customers and managing the way they interact with your brand? Remember, whatever your strategy, the Internet is watching!
  3. Effective Customer Service Is Quantized Customer Service
    A few weeks ago I wrote about the importance of effective customer service. But how do you know if you are delivering that? And what channels — phone, email, chat, social media, etc. — should you emphasize? How about innovations like chatbots, intelligent agents, and other automated systems? Measuring customer service breaks down into two general areas: satisfaction metrics based on customer attitudes and performance metrics based on support staff behavior.
  4. How To Handle Credit Card Catastrophes: Fraud, Data Breaches, Poor Payment Processing
    Credit card transactions have topped three and a third TRILLION dollars. With that volume, even a tiny percent of misfires create problems on the order of hundreds of millions of dollars. Companies that depend on card transactions, especially those who depend on recurring payments, need to be proactive in preparing for pitfalls.
  5. Subscription Box Fatigue: Myth or Reality?
    The subscription box trend has been on the rise for seven or eight years, and the price of that success is saturation. There are more and more indie box companies, plus massive retailers such as Amazon have jumped on board. Have we reached peak box? Here’s a look at the reporting and the data and what you need to do to overcome it.
  6. Sorry Not Sorry: How Piracy Affects Streaming Subscription Services
    The entertainment industry has been complaining for years about its staggering losses due to piracy. However, even as the video, game, and music industries have evolved toward subscription and streaming business models, they continue to generate significant profits. Media firms still say that rampant thievery is costing them billions — over $50 billion in 2017! Where’s the resolution to this conundrum? How do you manage this issue?

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