9 Most-Watched On-Demand Webinars

Who doesnt love a good training session? Our on-demand webinars are the go-to resource. Here are the most popular in 2018.

Who doesn’t love a good training session? Our on-demand webinars are the go-to resource. Here are the most popular in 2018.

  1. Understand the New World of Subscription Chargebacks and Claims Resolution
    How do you minimize the financial impact of subscriber complaints, refund requests, and chargebacks while keeping your subscribers happy? In this briefing, we will answer that question and also explore: What is Friendly Fraud? How Do Chargebacks Impact Your Subscription Business? What Is Best Practice For Managing? What are the New Rules for Managing? With a recurring revenue business (especially with card-not-present transactions for monthly and annual subscriptions) getting complaints, refund requests, and chargeback is part of what you need to manage.
  2. How to Secure Budget for Subscriber Retention Initiatives
    Does your CFO always say no to your budget requests?  Learn what your CFO needs to hear so you can secure budget for your Subscriber Retention Initiatives.   In this on-demand seminar, get inside the mind of a CFO, understand how they prioritize expenditures and learn how to convince them to loosen the purse strings for your engagement and retention programs.
  3. Understand New Tax and Revenue Reporting Requirements For Your Subscription Business
    In this on-demand member briefing, we look at the latest changes in subscription commerce revenue recognition and taxation. Learn what you need to do, today, to determine if these changes affect your business and the most important things you need focus on if they do.
  4. Subscription Commerce Benchmarks: A Guide to Subscriber Retention
    Subscriber retention is a cornerstone of successful subscription commerce. However, credit card declines and failed payments can lead to churn and lost revenue. In this on-demand webinar, we will take an in-depth look at the latest subscription industry benchmarks based on a sample set of 1,200 subscription businesses. Understand what is working in payment decline management and get your all your subscriber retention questions answered.
  5. How to Make Money With Membership Programs
    Do you have great content and want to make more money with it online via memberships? In this on-demand seminar, author and membership expert Rob Ristagno will teach you his “Five Forces Framework” to help you do just that.  Based on his book, A Member Is Worth a Thousand Visitors, Rob will guide you step-by-step through the five forces of creating new online revenue growth, and show you why it is.
  6. Retention Point: The Single Largest Growth Factor in Your Business
    Do you know how to achieve the “Retention Point” in your business, that moment when your members fall in love with you and become Lifers? In this on-demand seminar, we’ll show you why that happens and the exact steps to make it happen more often, on purpose. With one-half of subscription revenue growth coming from retention, understanding how to achieve your own Retention Point can make a big difference in your renewals.
  7. Payments and Profitability: Subscription Payment Trends Impacting Your Bottom Line
    If you operate a subscription or membership business – regardless of subscription vertical, industry, consumer focus, or transaction volume – your revenue is impacted by payment trends and market dynamics happening right now. This on-demand online seminar will help you understand payment trends that will impact your business in 2018. it will also walk through the tactics and best-practices subscription merchants should employ to mitigate the negative impact on your profitability from these trends.
  8. How to Transform Your Non-Subscription Business Into A Profitable Subscription Business
    Looking to transition your products or services from perpetual licenses, or one-off purchases, to a recurring revenue model? In this on-demand webinar, we outline successful strategies and tactics to help your software business transform into a recurring revenue machine.
  9. How to Supercharge Subscription Growth through Great Subscriber Experiences
    Anyone (successful) in the world of subscriptions understands the many unique details we need to stay on top of in order to grow and scale our businesses. For subscription businesses, a key detail is the promise of recurring value, that we must achieve is every part of our subscriber’s experience with our brand. In other words, it requires delivering a delightful subscription experience.

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