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Chargeback Gurus provides end-to-end transaction dispute management services to leading brands around the world. We help businesses recover revenue lost to chargebacks and proactively prevent disputes from happening in the first place. Our success in fighting and preventing chargebacks has driven rapid growth, earning us a spot on the Inc 5000 fastest-growing companies list three times.

Chargeback Gurus is the only provider offering deep dive analytics using more than fifty data points to help merchants reduce chargebacks organically. We utilize mind & machine intelligence to understand chargeback root causes and fix vulnerabilities causing chargeback spikes for merchants. Our Advanced Dispute Intelligence platform, Veda, has helped numerous merchants proactively prevent 50% of disputes.

When fighting chargebacks for merchants, we utilize custom dispute packages that are specific to the merchant’s industry, the nature of the transaction, the chargeback reason code, the issuer/acquirer, and the end customer’s buying patterns, yielding a recovery rate that is three times the industry average.

Chargeback Gurus has been setting the bar for the rest of the industry with its research and innovations in dispute management, including our latest breakthrough in preparing machine-readable dispute packages for issuers utilizing artificial intelligence tools to make case decisions.

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