Brian Hood


Six Concepts for Pricing Subscription Products

Launching a subscription business isn’t easy. Pricing your subscription business is another beast altogether. In this article, we explore the six concepts you’ll need to understand to be able to set a price for your subscription product or service that will provide you with the most sales and profits as is possible.

The Subscription Churn Primer: How to Maintain a Healthy Renewal Rate

If you’re spending a large amount of time and money to acquire new customers, do renewals really matter? They do, and it’s a matter of your profitability. Thats because theres a good chance that you’re spending quite a bit of money to acquire every new subscriber. In general, the average subscription business pays about what the first term of service would be in order to acquire that new subscriber. The baseline cost for a renewed subscriber, on the other hand, is just the cost of credit card processing. Renewed accounts are as close to pure profitability as you can get, so it will positively affect your subscription business to have as many renewed accounts as possible. Here are some tried-and-true tips to help you maintain a healthy level of renewals, and limit your subscriber churn.

Subscription Price Optimization: Six Tactics to Get It Right

One of your more difficult tasks as a subscription business owner is optimizing your price so you can realize the maximum life time value and profitability. Finding the pricing that works best for your business requires a consideration of many factors, including price testing, site design and sale pricing. In this best practice article we walk through six tactics to get your testing started on the right track.

Trial Offers: Four Questions to Consider Before You Offer Them

Offering a subscription trial is often the most debated and discussed topic for subscription businesses. No matter how much experience your team has, the best course of action is to begin with a well-informed plan based on your answers to the questions here.

HydrantID Launches Subscription-based Digital Security Certificates

Security certificates have long been a painful, yet necessary thorn in the side of online businesses everywhere. That’s why HydrantID, a provider of “digital identity and advanced authentication services” has introduced a subscription service for the acquisition and use of digital security certificates, the primary method used by websites to protect data, systems, and ecommerce transactions to ensure that product and payment data is exchanged safely and securely. HydrantID provides “organizations with a cost-effective cloud-based solution that…

The New Yorker Grows Subscribers After Opening its Archive

As The New Yorker planned the re-launch of its paywall last summer, it also left the doors open for five months to its archive of stories dating back to 2007. This simple decision turned out to be quite effective in growing the publication’s overall subscriber base. For the voracious fans of The New Yorker’s journalism, the decision was a dream come true. The publication had operated a paywall for many years where only 25% of new…

Lawsuits Fly Over Magazine & Newspaper Subscription Scam

A sophisticated nationwide subscription scam involving several well-known publications was the target of multiple lawsuits this week, where the attorneys general in New York, Oregon, Minnesota, Missouri, and Texas have all filed suit against the alleged participating subscription services. The scam involved fraudulent renewal notices sent to magazine and newspaper subscribers that urged quick action to lock in lower subscription rates. The notices were printed on what appeared to be official company stationary, complete with publisher…

Vessel Hopes to Become the YouTube for Subscribers

A new video hosting service run by the former head of Hulu Plus is hoping that consumers will part with a little bit of cash to be the first in line to view must-see online videos. Vessel deviates from the no-cost, ad-supported distribution method of YouTube by charging $3 dollars a month for the ability to exclusively view videos of musicians, sports, comedians, and many other forms of entertainment. The premium videos will not be available…