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Professional Training Site Attracts Members with the Strength of its Expert Instructors and Certification Program

There’s no shortage of free online resources to learn about Internet marketing. So how does this subscription-based education site get individuals and companies to pay for its video courses? World-famous instructors and “certification” in the chosen discipline are two keys to their success. Read on for more…

How Fastcase Beats Huge Competitors with an iPhone App & Nimbler Search

If you love a David vs Goliath business story, Fastcase will win your heart. With just 20 staffers, the site serves a total of half a million paid subscribers, and its free iPhone/iPad app is one of the most popular in the legal niche. How can an Internet start-up take on an established $6.5 billion dollar information industry niche, stealing accounts away from the big boys? Keep reading…

Journalist Creates Niche B2B News Site to Capitalize on Emerging Industry Trend

Launched in 2006, Sustainable Food News jumped on an emerging food-industry trend to create a premium daily news service that covers sustainable, organic, natural, and fair-trade products. See how the team compiles up to 15 stories a day, and why Publisher Dan McGovern’s heavy trade-show travel schedule has been crucial for site growth.

Vertical Search Engine Triples Paying Subscribers and Grows Prospect Database 10x with ‘Freemium’ Model

IDES is a vertical search engine for the plastics industry that’s attracted 310,000 free users and 9,000 paying members with premium features to make engineers, designers and product fabricators’ lives easier. Insider spoke with the director of business development and the marketing manager to learn why the site’s freemium model was crucial to its growth, and why they’ve tightened registration requirements to generate more qualified prospects for targeted upselling.

How the Christian Science Monitor Killed its Daily Paper and Grew Circulation 60%

Since abandoning its daily print newspaper in 2009 for a free website with a premium weekly print magazine, The Christian Science Monitor has seen circulation rise 60% and web visits soar. Insider spoke with Sr. Director of Marketing Susan Hackney to learn how they developed the content model and got more than 90% of subscribers to accept the new product

B2B News Site Takes on Print Incumbents with Nimble, SEO-Savvy Content

Discover how a B2B Web startup can outmaneuver entrenched, decades-old print competitors. Olivier Travers, CEO of Defense Industry Daily, tells Insider how a strategy of aggregation, linking, and analysis has made the site one of the top destinations for defense contractors. Also see how they use free news and updates as the building blocks for premium content.

Premium Tourism Newsletter Attracts Subscribers with Unique Ideas for High-end Travelers

For eight years, Dream of Italy has convinced subscribers to pay for their newsletter despite the sea of free alternatives for online travel tips. Insider spoke with publisher Kathy McCabe to learn how her team targets a specific niche (high-end, repeat visitors to Italy) with unique content and personalized services they can’t get from guidebooks and free travel sites.