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B2B Research Sites: How to Make Great Profits from Group Subscriptions

The recession has impacted Chartwell, a research publisher to the utilities market, perhaps less than other firms, especially when it comes to renewals. They are lucky that their niche has remained strong, but more than that, they have a great pricing model, multiple revenue streams, and solid sales tactics. If you sell group subscriptions, you may find several ideas in this exclusive Case Study that could apply to you.

Reason Magazine Sells ‘Thousands of Subscriptions’ on Kindle (Should You Be Selling via Kindle Too?)

Reason Magazine — a print magazine — was one of the very first subscription periodicals to sell itself on Kindle, and it’s still one of the top 20 bestsellers in the Kindle Magazine Store. Discover how the process works operationally, and how Amazon Kindle sales stack up against electronic edition sales of the same title.

Total US Online Content Subscription Sales 2009

Estimates are Subscription Site Insider’s own based on weeks of research. We are *conservative* in our numbers, so it’s fairly safe to say this is the low end of the possible scale. This does not include: single-item content sales (such as an iTunes purchase.) additional revenue streams subscription sites also make money from (such as ads sold or branded event tickets.) non-content subscription purchases (such as SaaS, apps, or Internet access.)When we say “content”, we include text, video,…