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Five on Friday: Insights Shaping the Digital and Streaming Landscapes in 2024

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This week’s edition of Five on Friday explores transformative shifts in publishing, marketing strategies, and streaming, shaping the future of content consumption and creation. We’ve curated a selection of informative reads that highlight the need for diversification in revenue streams for publishers, a case study of one company’s move to a cookieless marketing future, the evolving strategies of streaming services in response to changing consumer habits, and the changing nuances in social media marketing we need to navigate through 2024.


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Reinventing Revenue: The Imperative for Publishers to Diversify Beyond Paywalls 

An insightful article by MediaMakersMeet reveals the pressing need for digital publishers to seek alternative revenue sources as subscription growth plateaus. The piece emphasizes the critical role of diversification, from advertising within paywalled content to AI-driven content strategies and bundling, in ensuring the sustainability and growth of publishing platforms in a competitive digital landscape.
Read the full article here.

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Publishers Pivot from Subscriptions to Diverse Revenue Streams in 2024

Not to over-emphasize the publisher’s need to diversity revenue point above, Digiday’s latest research underscores a significant shift in the publishing industry’s revenue generation strategies, moving towards a blend of events, commerce, and innovative partnerships. This trend reflects a broader industry evolution, highlighting the adaptability and resilience of publishers in the face of changing market dynamics and consumer preferences. 
Read their report here.


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Embracing a Cookieless Future:’s Marketing Transformation

MarTech presents a compelling case study of’s strategic move to eliminate advertising and tracking cookies, aligning with their developer-centric audience’s values. The article showcases the challenges and triumphs of adopting a privacy-first marketing approach, setting a precedent for creative and ethical digital marketing practices.
Read the full case study here.


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Streamers Adapt to Shifting Consumer Habits with Diverse Revenue Strategies

Insider Intelligence reports on how streaming platforms are diversifying their revenue models in response to consumer demand for consolidation and cost-efficiency. The introduction of ad-supported tiers and bundling strategies exemplifies the industry’s agile response to economic pressures and a saturated market, signaling a period of adaptation and innovation.
Read the full report here.


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Navigating 2024: The Strategic Shift in Social Media Marketing

MarTech’s predictions for social media marketing in 2024 highlight the expected reallocation of marketing budgets towards platforms offering higher engagement and brand safety. The article points to YouTube’s enduring appeal and the impact of TikTok-inspired user-generated content, underscoring the importance of adaptability and audience-centric strategies in the ever-evolving landscape of social media.
Read the full article here.

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