Vivian Xie

As Product Marketing Manager at Vindicia, Vivian is constantly sharing industry knowledge. Previously, she led product marketing at 500 Startups where she used her background in data analytics and growth marketing to bring to life company stories told by numbers. Familiar with a broad range of industries from fashion to blockchain to subscription churn, Vivian strives to create content that informs and delights. She holds degrees in economics, development studies and English literature from the University of California Berkeley.

Vivian Xie

The dawn of the stay-at-home economy: Subscriptions are driving growth, but need flexibility to thrive

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected and disrupted life on so many different levels. One of these defining impacts is the call to stay at home, avoid large crowds and socially distance whenever possible. With Americans stuck indoors, they’ve been craving solutions to keep occupied. Subscription business models—a force before the pandemic—have thrived in the aftermath.

Building Better Subscription Bundles

One of the most effective strategies for attracting new customers is to offer subscription bundles, pairing multiple products or services at discounted rates.