Russell Perkins


Data Businesses: Prepare Now For The Coming Market Disruption, Thanks To New Law

Recently signed into law, the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act is going to have a big impact on the data business. It contains within it provisions to open up all non-sensitive databases, and make them easily available in machine-readable, non-proprietary formats. Russell Perkins explains.

Customer Lifetime Value Scoring: Using CLV To Rate Subscribers

The Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) concept has been around forever. Whats changed recently is increasingly easy access to a wide variety of input datasets (a/k/a/ signals) that work to increase the precision of these scores. CLV scores are increasingly used by companies to determine how they will interact with their customers. Russell Perkins explains.

How to Successfully Innovate in B2B and B2C Publishing … In One Market

Some of the key success strategies in data publishing work just as well in other forms of publishing because they are so powerful and so fundamental. Case in point is Marvin Shanken. He is more than a successful publishing entrepreneur. Hes also a true industry innovator. He has started publications that were mocked at launch because nobody thought they had a chance (before they went on to achieve remarkable success). He blends B2B and B2C publishing strategies in ways that few have tried. Hes stayed focused on print more than his peers and continues to profit handsomely from doing so.

Mission Impossible? Becoming a Trusted Neutral Source in Your Market

The opportunity for data companies to operate as central information exchanges is worth pursuing because they have a central position in their markets, and this neutral market position makes them trustworthy. Lots of sensitive market information gets exchanged through central data hubs. Companies routinely exchange credit data, pricing data, business metrics and much more. They do this because they know the data they submit will only be released in aggregate or anonymized form. As importantly, they do this because they need the answers that only data exchanges can provide. Is there an opportunity for your company provide this type of service?

Less Features, Deeper Data: The Secret Sauce of Successful Data Publishers

While many successful data publishers obsess about continually adding new features and functionality to their data products, there are lots of good reasons to be regularly evaluating your data as well. Features and functionality matter, but a single new and well-chosen data element can add tremendous value, while simultaneously providing a competitive advantage and product differentiation.