Kevin Novak


Revenue Shifts, Digital and Data

One simply needs to look around to see retail, publishing, transportation and other sectors thrown into a transformative change as digital and data penetrate every element of a business. Like content, data is currency and technology is now the enabler and source of both. Data is in many ways the new currency.Content is still king, but the definition of content is evolving to include data. Kevin Novak, CEO of 2040 Digital and Subscription Insider Guide to Leveraging Technology, explores benefits of data and its transformative impact for media and information-based businesses.
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Subscription Insider is uniquely focused on the business of subscriptions.

Subscription Insider is uniquely focused on the business of subscriptions.
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How to Generate High-Quality Leads Using Lead Scoring

Marketing Automation and lead generation continues to be a key challenge for subscription marketers. Kevin Novak, Subscription Insider Guide to Leveraging Technology, walks through a primer (and 30-page PDF slide how-to deck) on how to generate high-quality leads using lead scoring using marketing automation, behavioral and interaction data to move the lead from awareness to decision quickly and effectively.

5 Dilemmas Facing Ad-Driven Publishers

Publishers with advertising lines-of-revenue (along with subscriptions) need to grow and mature the data they are collecting to meet not only their advertisers needs, but also their own. Kevin Novak, Subscription Insider Guide to Leveraging Technology, walks through the five dilemmas facing publishers that they need to understand and navigate to be successful in a world of real-time data fueling the branding and customer acquisition campaigns of their advertisers.

How to Avoid Subconscious Decisions (and Their Negative Impact)

The subconscious is a very powerful influence in our day to day lives. We walk around every day with our subconscious making decisions for us as we seek to accomplish our goals. Kevin Novak, our Subscription Insider Guide to Leveraging Technology, walks through why it's critical to understand the difference between your conscious and sub-conscious decision-making and how to leverage data to overcome the power and (negative) influence of the subconscious decisions in your subscription or membership business.

What Is Behavioral Data? (And How Can it Really Help You?)

If you care about driving business to your subscription or membership business,dont continue to act and make decisions on transactional and survey-based (biased) information when it can only tell part of the story. Behavioral data can give you action-oriented insights and intelligence based on real and actionable data to know how members, customers, and subscribers interact, move and engage with your business. Kevin Novak, Subscription Insider's Guide to Leveraging Technology walks through the basics of understanding and leveraging behavioral data.

Understand how to identify and leverage personality types and behaviors Audience Engagement Tactics

Your customers (subscribers, members, and constituencies) are fragmenting in the marketplace as they have changed their preferences for how they engage with companies and brands. They seek out products and services that speak to them and meet their specialty needs. They want to engage and have relationships with brands and companies and create affinity in communities with others like them.Kevin Novak explores changes in customer needs and wants, and given this, the tactics you need to further engage and grow your target audience.