Kevin Novak


Audience Engagement: 5 Steps To Greater Understanding And Measurement

The fragmentation of expert credibility due to the ease of content publishing has led to an environment where the perception of authority and credibility has been turned upside down.

The Mobile and App Debate: Where Do You Apply Your Strategic Energy?

Does it seem like everyone is telling you to create an app? Think before you make the leap, warns Kevin Novak.

Privacy is Situational

In the digital age, what does privacy mean? Kevin Novak explores some of the new meaning of privacy as it pertains to our personal data, purchasing behavior, and digital history.

Data Strategy: Your Strategic Weapon

A data strategy and plan is reflective of an organization's strategic goals, focus and products. This strategy sets goals for collection and denotes what possible questions can be asked of the data.

Data Analytics, and Your CRM, AMS or SMS Systems

Kevin Novak discusses the data contained in your CRM, AMS, SMS, and the often unrealized benefits it can provide your business.

The Cycles of Human Behavior and Experience

Kevin Novak discusses the customer journey in a multi-channel world, which is comprised of a variety of different factors that are in need of consideration.