This Week’s Subscription News: Net Neutrality, News and New Features

Featuring Google, Real Simple, Amazon, Medium and Stat

This Week’s Subscription News: Net Neutrality

Source: Bigstock Images and Subscription Insider

In this week’s subscription news, Google adds new features to Play Store app subscription models, Real Simple gets a refresh, and Amazon launches 40 subscription TV channels on Prime Video. Also this week, we’re reading about the FCC’s bid to end net neutrality rules, EU Parliament approving cross-border online paid content, and Medium letting readers listen to the best content through audio stories.

Google Adds New features to Play Store App Subscription Models
Android Community

‘Real Simple’ Refreshes Brand, Debuts New Editorial Sections
Media Post

Amazon Launches 40 Subscription TV Channels on Prime Video
Digital Spy

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EU Parliament Approves Cross-Border Online Paid Content
Intellectual Property Watch

Facebook Moves Video Targeting to Audience Direct for Publishers
Media Post

Boston Globe-Backed Health News Startup Stat is Cracking the Vertical Media Model

FCC Officially Proposed to End Net Neutrality Rules (But It’s Not Over Yet)

Medium Now Lets You Listen to Its Best Content with Audio Stories
Digital Trends