Focus On Subscription Show 2019: Getting Recurring Value Out of Data with Tina Adolfson

Tina Adolfson, Data Innovation Lead at, will be presenting at Subscription Show 2019 leading an interesting session in our Subscription Product Strategy track

We are excited to share that Tina Adolfson will be presenting at Subscription Show 2019!  

Tina is the Data Innovation Lead at and will lead an interesting session in our ‘Subscription Product Strategy’ track on ‘How to Get Recurring Value Out of Your Data’

Subscription Show 2019 is the conference attend to stay on top of the latest trends impacting your recurring-revenue business and connect with the people and companies that can help both you and your business grow.

Learn from Tina and other subscription experts in 70+ learning sessions. Connect and network with subscription, recurring-revenue and membership peers. Plus, check out leading subscription-focused platforms, tools and services in our exhibition hall.

Data Sets and Subscriptions: Getting Recurring Value Out of Data

Subscription Product Strategy

Session Overview:

Companies are buying, collecting and absorbing more and more data, and struggling to incorporate it into strategies, relevant KPIs, and even revenue generating products or services. The challenge is, data doesn’t necessarily translate well into revenue without a clear understanding and strategy.

In this session, Tina Adolfsson, the Data Innovation Lead at responsible for understanding’s retail-focused data and productizing it into subscriptions, will walk through how they are creating data products (subscriptions) from existing and captured retail merchandising data.

Tina will walk through how looks at data history, data on periods of key changes in retail, as well as before and after data views to create subscription products that will: 

  • appeal to current clients in monitoring performance, 
  • help new client segments understand a limited number of KPIs, 
  • monetize a data-only product to entry-level clients.  

Tina will show how she gets beyond data and trends to understand real leading and lagging indicators, discover new insights, adjust their data subscription product/service lines, or the on-going investments behind them.

Space is limited, so reserve your spot soon!
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