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Subscription Commerce 2021: Recurring Payment Trends You Need to Understand Now

Learn the key trends your subscription business will need to stay on top of, and more importantly, the strategies you will need to implement in order to minimize their impact.

Latest Articles

Five on Friday: Consultations, Commitments and Customer Experience

Pandemic facilitates nonprofit media boom, Dr. Soon-Shiong reaffirms commitment to LA Times and Hubspot shares customer experience trends.

Roku Reports Record Streaming Growth in 2020

Roku reports record streaming growth in the fourth quarter and for the full year 2020, including double-digit increases in every category.

Revel Launches Electric Bike Subscriptions in New York

Personal transportation startup Revel announced it is offering electric bike subscriptions in New York as well as EV charging Superhubs.

Facebook Ends News Sharing Standoff with Australian Government

After blocking news sharing in Australia, Facebook ended its standoff with the Australian government, after receiving minor concessions.

iHeartMedia Acquires Triton Digital for $230 Million

iHeartMedia is buying Triton Digital for $230 million. The purchase will help secure the company's reign as the top podcast publisher.

New Version of Office Won’t Require a Microsoft 365 Subscription

Microsoft has developed a new version of Office for commercial and individual users that won't require a Microsoft 365 subscription.

Weekly Subscription News: Tests, Talks and Digital Subscriptions

New Statesman grows digital subscriptions 75% in a year, NYT tests digital subscriptions for kids & SiriusXM gives 1M lifetime subscriptions in a settlement.

Five on Friday: Subscription Apps, Retention Tips and Bookazines

The top-grossing subscription apps of 2021, 4 retention tips from Mather Economics and the growing popularity of bookazines.

Bloomberg News Lays Off 90 Staff to ‘Elevate Editing’

Bloomberg News is laying off 90 staff, primarily in editorial positions, to improve processes and accountability and to elevate editing.

Microsoft Supports Australian Proposal to Pay Publishers for News

Microsoft supports a proposal by the Australian Parliament to pay publishers for news. Facebook and Google actively oppose the measure.