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Articles from our Trusted Partners

Improve Your Customer Retention With These 5 Easy Steps

Subscription-based businesses are beginning to realize that the true indicator of growth and company longevity has more to do with a flourishing customer retention rate. Simply put, the customer retention rate reflects your company’s ability to maintain company-consumer relationships over a period of time. Casey Padgett walks through how to calculate your subscriber retention rate and 5 tips on how to improve it.

Dunning: 5 Dos and Don’ts to Minimize Subscriber Churn

Learn the dos and don'ts of dunning, benchmarks, with three case studies to understand how dunning can impact your subscriber retention in this on-demand webinar.

Mastering the Art of Pricing

Learn how consumer subscription payment preferences differ from how they pay their other bills, and whether security, cost, or system integration is the biggest payment challenge for subscription providers.

The Enterprise Journey to Advanced Monetization: What You Need to Know

In this on-demand webinar with leading industry experts, Stephen Hurrell, VP & Research Director of Ventana Research, and Dennis Wall, CEO of BillingPlatform, you will learn best practices for launching and growing advanced monetization models. We will explore key topics to provide insights to help you succeed in your journey, including: the dangers of managing disparate systems, the art and science of an integrated monetization strategy, and future proofing your business.

STAT PACK: Subscriptions and Direct Selling in the U.S.

We've collected a range of statistics which look at direct-to-consumer sales of some of the top D2C brands and the popularity of subscription boxes for personal use and as gifts.

Latest Articles

Weekly Subscription News: Wine, Watchdogs and Winning

Baltimore Ravens launch wine club, Washington Post debuts Zeus Prime, and FTC urged to pass privacy rules.

Five on Friday: Purchases, Podcasts and Permanent Shut Downs

A judge shuts down Locast, YouTube tries podcasting, and Zoom reveals new features at Zoomtopia 2021.

Adobe Reports Record Revenue of $3.94B in Q3 FY2021

Adobe reports record revenue of $3.94 billion for Q3 of FY2021, representing 22% growth year-over-year.

Tumblr Opens Up Post+ Beta Testing Despite Controversy

Despite protests from Tumblr users, Tumblr has opened up its beta test of Post+ to U.S. content creators.

Netflix Wins a Record 44 Emmys, More Than Any Other Network

Netflix wins 44 Emmys in the 73rd annual Emmy awards, more than any other network or streaming platform.

Google Tests Museletter Newsletter Subscription Service

Google is testing a newsletter subscription service, Museletter.

Fox Buys TMZ from WarnerMedia

Fox Corp will buy TMZ from AT&T's WarnerMedia in a deal valued at under $50 million.

Weekly Subscription News: Football, Freebies and Frustration

Razorbacks launch subscription streaming network, JPMorgan buys majority stake in VW payments, Texas passes bill prohibiting social media censorship.

Five on Friday: Teslas, Tacos and Targeting

Amazon eyes Sunday Night Football, Taco Bell tests taco subscription, and Quora launches Quora+.

Intuit to Acquire Mailchimp for $12B in Cash and Stock Deal

Intuit confirmed Monday they are acquiring customer engagement and marketing platform Mailchimp in a $12B deal.