Subscription Show 2021: Day #2 Highlights

Keynotes, sessions, panels, fireside chats and lots of extras!

It is another beautiful day in New York City and conference participants and sponsors are enjoying the program at the beautiful Convene conference center at 225 Liberty Street. Day 1 concluded with a cocktail reception in the exhibit hall, hosted by BillingPlatform, where participants and sponsors met and mingled with old friends and made new connections.

Day 2 welcome from Kathy Greenler Sexton

Subscription Insider CEO Kathy Greenler Sexton welcomed everyone to Day 2 of Subscription Show 2021 which featured a wide range of sessions, including keynotes, fireside chats, briefings, best practice discussions, 1:1s and networking. In today’s introduction, in addition to naming sponsors, Kathy gave descriptions of what each of the sponsors do.

Subscription Show keynotes, sessions and briefings

Keynote:  Isaac Sacolick, President, CIO and Author, StarCIO: “Accelerating Transformation: Driving the Next Wave of Customer Experiences with Differentiating Tech and Analytics

Session: Darryl Hicks, Founder and CEO of Flexpay, and Kirk Drake, CEO of Ongoing Operations LLC: “Recurring Payments Ecosystem: Solving the Hidden Cause of Customer Churn”

Session: Brian Dingman, BillingPlatform: “Subscription Model Innovation: 8 Ways to Monetize Your Products at Scale (That You May Not Have Thought Possible):”

Session: Erich Franken, Vice President, VISA; Paul Larsen, Managing Partner, Paul Larsen Consulting LLC; Violet Jin, Senior Director, Global Seller Solutions, VISA; Collette Bednarczyk, Senior Director, North America Merchant, VISA; Mark Woelfe, Senior Director, Dispute Processing Products, VISA; Laura Gilstrap, Senior Solutions Manager, VISA; and Natalie England, Visa Direct Global Risk Lead, VISA: “VISA Fireside Chat”

Session: Baldo Besich, Director, Small Merchant Acquisition, American Express; Kerri Ryan, Director, Small Business Services, American Express; and Sharon Gross, Director of Client Success, Paul Larsen Consulting LLC: “American Express Briefing: Subscription & Recurring Billing”

Session: Patrik Bruce, Lead Product Manager, DigitalRoute: “Enabling the Usage Economy: Finding Revenue in Data”

Session: Amy Wilkins, Chief Revenue Officer, Smithsonian and Rob Ristagno, CEO, Sterling Woods Group: “How Smithsonian Uses Data-Driven Segmentation to Expand Membership”

Session: Alex Reynolds, Attorney, Privacy Compliance, Information Security and Data, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP: “Data, Privacy and Your Subscription Business”

Session: Jordan Salvit, CEO & Co-Founder, KitNipBox and John Sullivan, Partner, Paul Larsen Consulting: “Payment Optimization: How We Extend the Lifetime Value of Our Members”

Session: Edgar Chen, Senior Customer Success Manager, Recurly: “Subscription Marketing: 7 Best Practices for Managing Lapsed Subscribers”

Session: Emma Nicoletti, Vice President of Predictive Client Solutions | Data Science, Wiland; Kyle Fohlin, Vice President New Business Development, Wiland; and Stephanie Taylor, SVP of Acquisition Services, Belardi Wong: “The Science Behind Achieving Rapid (and Profitable) Subscriber Acquisition”

Session: Mark Stiving, Ph.D., Chief Pricing Educator, Impact Pricing: “Win. Keep. Grow.: How to Price and Package to Accelerate Your Subscription Business”

Extended Session: Lisa DuBrow, Attorney, Lisa B. Dubrow, Esq. and Marc Roth, Attorney, Cobalt LLP: “The State of Subscription and Recurring-Revenue Regulation

Session: Jesus Luzardo, Head of Growth, Vindicia: “Recurring Bundles (“Rundles”), the New Subscription Business Model”

Session: Angus Macaulay, Chief Operating Officer, STAT and Bruce Rhodes, Founder, Thought Leadership Ventures: “Subscription Growth and Innovation in a Highly Competitive Vertical with a Small, but Scrappy Staff”

Session: Chris Marchand, VP Business Development, Verifi and Sharon Gross, Director of Client Success, Paul Larsen Consulting LLC: “The Changing Landscape of Subscriber Disputes and Chargebacks”

Session: Robert Skrob, President, Membership Services, Inc.: “Customer Onboarding Tear Downs”

Session: Brian Fisher, Senior Business Development Manager, Worldpay: “Payment Data: Your Strategic Lever to Better Acquisition and Retention”

Session: John Cozad, SVP of Operations, Gravy and Ben Madden: “Subscriber Retention: 4 Actionable Steps to Explode Recurring Revenue”

Keynote: Michael Joseloff, CMO, Fortune: “Digital Transformation: Fortune’s Digital Subscription Story”

Subscription Show extras

  • Mobile App
  • Meeting Concierge
  • Exhibit Hall
  • Roundtable Discussions
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Ability to watch replays and on-demand for any sessions you missed

For more highlights, follow us on Twitter. We’ll be tweeting throughout the conference. If you’re posting too, please tag us @SubInsider and use our Subscription Show hashtags: #SubscriptionShow2021 #SubShow21 #SubShowNYC

Key takeaways

  1. Successful transformation is driven by a single, highly strategic, business priority. Too many priorities make it hard for teams to know where to direct their energy.
  2. By 2025, over one-fifth of organizations will have part of their business conducted via subscriptions and recurring revenue rather than one-time sales.
  3. If you have assumptions about your customers and what they want, question those assumptions to see if what you believe is actually true.
  4. The top three reasons for renewal credit card declines: general decline, insufficient funds and temporary holds. These represent 72% of all renewal credit card declines.
  5. Optimize dunning processes by using alternative email messages, changing the tone and message in each one. Include a clear call to action and remind subscribers of the value your company provides.
  6. Treat customers like human beings. You never know when they may come back or whom they might talk to about their experience.
  7. Give consumers an easy way to cancel their auto-renewable subscriptions, and disclose when the subscriber has to cancel to avoid a charge.
  8. Avoid lengthy and confusing cancellation paths. You can still attempt to save the business but do so in a consumer-friendly way.
  9. Understand personas of free readers and paying subscribers, specifically who they are, what their challenges or needs are, and how you can be that solution. Build a product that puts the subscriber first.
  10. A positive onboarding experience in the first 30 days is a great opportunity to continue to resell your customers on the value your subscription company provides. It also helps them share your story with other people (e.g., email campaign, sales video).
  11. Bonus takeaways from Fortune CMO Michael Joseloff, the closing Day 2 keynote speaker: a) use legacy to your advantage; b) don’t be constrained by past practices; c) test, optimize, repeat; d) lead with the customer; and e) manage expectations.

For tomorrow’s agenda, visit Highlights include roundtable discussion groups and sessions about subscriber data, revenue infrastructure, recurring payment processing, a Mastercard fireside chat, subscription marketing, KPIs, relationship building and more.

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