December 27, 2016

Amazon Leases 40 Jets, Tests Drones to Meet Demand from Prime Members

In August, Amazon unveiled its first Prime Air cargo jet, a Boeing 767, as part of its new fleet of planes that will help online retailer Amazon meet its two-day shipping promise to Prime members, reports Recode. That fleet now includes 40 jets leased by, says Reuters in a new report. According to the report, the cargo planes are flying with nearly-full, lightweight loads to at least 10 U.S. airports including Seattle, Tampa and Charlotte. The cargo is then unloaded and distributed from nearby fulfillment centers and warehouses to Amazon customers. The report also said that because of Amazon’s new planes, it is eating into business from FedExp and UPS. Amazon can now fly larger items, particularly bulky items, in its own planes.

Top Subscription Stories of 2016

With subscription news headlines covering everything from SaaS and subscription boxes to streaming video and solar gardens, 2016 was an interesting year for the subscription economy. This made winnowing down the list of top stories a difficult task. After all, big names like Netflix, Microsoft, the New York Times, Spotify and Amazon were in the subscription news headlines almost every week. While those big players were adding new offerings and contemplating success strategies, companies like Walmart, The Skimm, Etsy, Medium, and Bed Bath & Beyond tested the subscription waters. Weve gone through all of those news stories and more to bring you highlights from 2016.