Golf Digest Offers New All-Access Subscription for $9.99 a Month

Print and digital subscription, golf lessons and more

Subscription News: Golf Digest Offers New All-Access Subscription for $9.99 a Month

Source: Golf Digest

Last week Golf Digest announced the launch of Golf Digest All-Access, a premium subscription with more than 200 original video lessons and classics. For $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year, golfers get a print and digital subscription to Golf Digest, and they can watch their favorite golf pros as well as twice-weekly, live, interactive clinics with Michael Breed, chief digital instructor. Content is available on phones, laptops and TV screens with more content added weekly.

‘We’re giving you dozens of teachers-think of the Peloton model meets Netflix,’ says Chris Reynolds, general manager of Golf Digest All Access. ‘Our new program allows you to come back to the pros you like, try new ones, all with no intimidation, and on your schedule.’

Subscription News: Golf Digest Offers New All-Access Subscription for $9.99 a Month

Source: Golf Digest

In its pitch to potential subscribers, Golf Digest said that its ‘pros on demand’ subscription offering is superior to free YouTube Tips because they feature only the best PGA professionals, the videos are of high quality, and the content is curated by Golf Digest editors along with a ‘new team of strategists, engineers, data experts and consumer marketers’ who will focus on the user experience.

‘We wanted to create an instruction experience. Not just quick tips or tons of videos, but curriculums, deep learning. It’s developing skills, but in the right order and with real expertise. That starts with great teachers, who can explain, simplify, demonstrate, entertain,’ explains executive editor Peter Morrice, who handles content development. ‘A lesson with a great teacher is special, and this mirrors the depth and lasting value of that experience.’

In addition to Breed, featured golf pros include Butch Harmon, David Leadbetter, Hank Haney, Jim McLean, Will Robins, Stan Utley and Tom Watson. Other features include:

  • Topics including everything from driving and putting to short game and strategy
  • Interaction with teachers
  • Personalized programs
  • Access to live events
  • The best of Golf Digest
  • Video Curriculums

According to Digiday, Golf Digest has been working on the All-Access subscription for two years. The primary goal was to reach the magazine’s most engaged readers who accessed some instructional content every month. All Access also compliments video courses offered by Golf Digest for $10 each which has proven successful for the company. Since the first video launch last April, Golf Digest has created nearly 60 classes and sold courses to 10,000 customers, says Digiday. These courses are a one-time purchase, however, and do not offer the company recurring revenue, even with repeat customers. All-Access, on the other hand, is all recurring revenue.

Insider Take:

Digiday explains that this is part of Conde Nast’s overall strategy to diversify revenue streams, and it is giving the publications autonomy in how they accomplish that. Publications like Golf Digest are going beyond advertising and traditional subscriptions to survive against free content. Figuring out what their audience most wants and delivering it at a reasonable price point is a great place to start. Golf Digest All-Access seems to have achieved that.