Weekly Subscription News: Ebony, Gelato and Local News

Featuring Samsung, Tesla, Facebook and Google

As the year draws to a close, Ebony magazine, gelato pint subscriptions and local news made the headlines this week. Samsung plans to remove paid content (subscriptions and in-app purchases) from its Galaxy Store in select countries, Saturday Evening Post celebrates its 200th anniversary, and a monthly subscription for Tesla FSD is coming soon. Also this week, Chicago’s Black Dog Gelato launches pint subscriptions for gelato to help the eatery survive winter during the pandemic, The Washington Post says Google is hurting local news, and retired NBA player Junior Bridge is buying the shuttered Ebony magazine with plans to revive it. That’s a wrap for us this year. We’ll see you in 2021!

Samsung Will Remove Paid Content from Galaxy Store in Select Countries

Saturday Evening Post Celebrates 200 Years in Print
Media Post

Tesla FSD Monthly Subscription Coming Soon, Musk Suggests
Yahoo Finance

Black Dog Gelato Launches Pint Subscriptions to Survive Pandemic Winter
Block Club Chicago

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Facebook’s Automated Ad Program Hurts Small Businesses, Merchants Say

How Google Is Hurting Local News
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Retired NBA Play Junior Bridgeman Buys Ebony Magazine, Plans to Revive It
Media Post