Weekly Subscription News: Accelerations, Expansions and Transactions

Featuring Literati, Axios, Spotify, Nokia and Recurly

The Thanksgiving holiday isn’t slowing these subscription companies down. In this week’s subscription news round-up, subscription startup Literati wants digital creators to launch monthly book clubs, Axios expands local news sites into new cities, and Spotify takes podcast subscriptions into international markets.

Also, Recurly is set to exceed $10 billion in transaction payments as pay-as-you-go subscription models accelerate, Nokia plans to launch a cloud-based software subscription service, and adult content creators like OnlyFans face additional scrutiny and amid the possibility of new restrictions.

Peloton’s Digital Membership Is Free Until December 31, 2021
Mobile Syrup

Subscription Startup Literati Taps Digital Creators to Launch Monthly Book Clubs

Axios Expands Its Fast-Growing Network of Local News Sites
Media Post

Spotify’s New Podcast Subscriptions Expand to Global Markets

Nokia to Launch Cloud-Based Software Subscription Service

Recurly to Exceed $10B in Transaction Payment Volume as Pay-As-You-Go Subscription Models Accelerate
Global Newswire

Adult Content Creators on Sites Like OnlyFans Fear New Restrictions
The Washington Post

Medill’s New Index Puts Spotlight on Rescuing At-Risk Subscribers
Northwestern | Medill Local News Initiative