Subscription Commerce: Recurring Payment Trends You Need to Understand Now

Learn the key trends your subscription business will need to stay on top of, and more importantly, the strategies you will need to implement

Between subscriber credit ceilings, fraud, chargebacks, closed accounts, and changing payment card rules for subscription commerce, companies with recurring payments in 2021 need to navigate carefully.

Melanie Stout, Partner at PLC and leading expert in card-not-present recurring payments, leads this briefing. Learn the key trends your subscription business will need to stay on top of, and more importantly, the strategies you will need to implement in order to minimize their impact.

What You Will Learn:

  • Subscription payment trends with specific data to understand how these specifically impact profits
  • Understand how those trends translate moving forward.
  • Tactics and best-practices your subscription business should employ to mitigate the negative impact of these trends on profitability.

On-Demand Playback

Presentation Slides (PDF)

Click here to download the slides.

About Our Experts

Melanie Stout, Partner, PLC

As a Partner at PLC, LLC, leading experts in “card-not-present” recurring payments and Pulse Payments Analytics, Melanie Stout brings her recurring payments expertise to optimize payment outcomes for hundreds of subscription merchants. This expertise has been honed through decades of leading the Product and Marketing teams at subscription businesses across multiple verticals, including SaaS and direct to consumer companies.

PLC, LLC exists to maximize the lifetime value of subscriptions by helping to crush credit card-caused churn. The company’s mission is to serve the community of subscription merchants by optimizing their bottom-line credit card processing results through the application of the recurring industry’s best practices in the most effective ways. PLC delivers fine-tuned tools and weapons to more than 400 subscription merchants, including, Angie’s List, Audible, Conde Nast, Disney, Dollar Shave Club, and Ipsy.

Kathy Greenler Sexton,
CEO, Subscription Insider 

Kathy Greenler Sexton is the CEO & Publisher of Subscription Insider, a media company uniquely focused on the business of subscriptions. Subscription Insider reports on daily subscription economy news and delivers best-practice information, training and research through memberships, training events and conferences. Subscription entrepreneurs and executives representing all sectors of the subscription economy depend on Subscription Insider to improve decision making, team skills and business profitability. Learn more at and


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