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 Subscription Insider Marketing Boot Camp in New York on October 4, 2018


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What is Marketing Boot Camp?

On October 4th in New York, we will gather leading experts in subscription marketing and retention to understand the advanced issues subscription marketers are managing today.   

Plan on an information-packed day focused on learning and presenting actionable data, strategies and tactics, with sessions on:

  • RESEARCH: What is the state of Subscription Marketing? Research on subscription acquisition, user experience, and retention showcasing trends and benchmarks that subscription companies need to understand and navigate.
  • FULL-FUNNEL MARKETING: Walk through the full-funnel marketing and understand how acquisition fits into extending the lifetime value of auto-renewed subscribers.
  • TRIAL OFFERS: Are trial offers worth it? How are companies tracking and measuring their success? What are the new trends and tactics leading companies are using to create successful and profitable trials? 
  • SUBSCRIBER FEEDBACK & LTV: How to use subscriber feedback to improve the A+E video subscriber experience to grow subscriber lifetime value.
  • TESTING & OPTIMIZATION: Understand how to plan, set up, and test your subscriber acquisition funnel in this action-packed and data-filled workshop.· 
  • USER EXPERIENCE: The impact user experience (UX) has on acquisition and retention and the ways companies need to plan to improve it.
  • SUBSCRIBER ENGAGEMENT: Details of how to identify and overcome the lack of subscriber engagement to extend and transform subscriber LTV. 
  • MARKETING TEAM & PROCESSES: What are the organizational and process challenges marketers face in launching and growing B2B and B2C subscription services? 
  • ACQUISITION STRATEGIES: What are the challenges and strategies to launch and promote Subscription based, Direct to Consumer (D2C) and OTT services? 
  • ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSIONS: A Boot Camp favorite! Open discussions on topics you choose with leading subscription experts.
  • PRIORITIES: We will help you unpack the day to prioritize information that you can use right away in your own subscription business.


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Who Comes to Boot Camp?

Boot Camp attracts C-Level and marketing executives from leading recurring brands. Those who attend understand that acquisition and retention are the lifeblood of their recurring business and want to network with peers and leading experts as they understand how to overcome the latest issues impacting performance and success in their companies, including these leading subscription brands:

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