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Weekly Subscription News Round-up for April 22

In this week's subscription news round-up, we've got Amazon rival projecting big sales, ad tech ideas from Poynter, how SaaS is bringing B2B marketplaces back, the New York Times' plans to expand globally, and an email newsletter adding a subscription component. In addition, we've got headlines featuring Vindicia, Xstream and Piano.

Spotify to Update Free Version of Streaming Music Service

Just one week after its less-than-conventional IPO, Spotify (NYSE: SPOT) is planning a new version of the free tier of its streaming music service, reports Bloomberg. While Spotify will not make an official announcement with details until April 24, sources told Bloomberg that the new version will make the service easier for Spotify's mobile users, giving them more control over which songs they hear on top playlists, similar to the company's premium tier.

Spotify Continues to Navigate Uncharted Waters for Subscription Streaming Music Services

As we have reported on these pages before, Spotify is an interesting case to watch as they attempt to bring online music streaming to mass audiences while fairly compensating the artists who make the music, essentially trying to right the fifteen-year-old wrong that is digital file sharing. Spotify is succeeding at compensating artists where otherwise there wouldn't be any compensation, as well as bringing their service to mass audiences, but turning a profit is another story. As…

Spotify Reports 40 Percent Increase in Premium Subscriptions in Q2 2018

Though Spotify reported an operating loss for the second quarter of 2018, the popular streaming music service also reported growth in paid subscriptions and revenue. At the end of the second quarter, Spotify (NYSE: SPOT) had 180 million monthly active users, a 30 percent increase, and 83 million premium subscribers, a 40 percent increase. Total revenue for the quarter was €1.273 million, a 26 percent increase year-over-year.

This Week’s Subscription News: SoundCloud, Subscriptions and Lawsuits

In this week's subscription headlines, Vevo puts its music video subscription plans on hold, SoundCloud gets sued for its 'GO' Subscription service, and Microsoft and Amazon join forces to file suit over Trump's immigration ban. Also this week, Hearst explains how to win the new media wars, Quicken tries subscriptions on for size, and Digiday reports on The Guardian's progress toward 1 million paid members.

Google Names New Subscription Music Service, Spotify Launches in Canada

There's been rumors for months that Google is planning on launching a subscription music service on YouTube, and now the rumor mill is saying the search giant plans to name the service "YouTube Music Key." The service will "offer ad-free playback, the ability to save songs and videos for offline listening, and an audio-only interface for when you're multitasking or want to have music on in the background, all for $9.99 per month," reports The Verge. Google…

Amazon-owned Audible Launches Short-form Audio Content via Subscription

Yesterday Amazon-owned Audible announced the launch of Channels, a short-form audio subscription service that will bring news, entertainment and original programming to the world of audio content. The new service will be free to Audible subscribers, but it will also be available as a standalone subscription for $4.95 a month. Is there a need for short-form audio content, or will this experiment be a bust?

This Week’s Subscription News: Tidal, Trouble and Temptation

In this week's subscription news, Hasbro launches a subscription box service for board games, AT&T tries to tempt cord cutters by offering a Roku box with DirectTV Now subscriptions, and Apple Music quietly adds a $99 annual subscription option. Also this week, Slack raises $500 million and attracts big buyers including Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Salesforce, and Tidal uses Jay Z's new album as an exclusive to attract streaming music subscribers.

Weekly Subscription News: Police, Prosecutors and Patreon

ICYMI, this week was full of big news and performances. The Super Bowl, the Dow Jones, the Winter Olympics and Trump's tweets are among the hot topics of the day. Meanwhile, subscription companies did not disappoint with news of their own, including big subscription numbers from HBO Now, the pending launch of a subscription app for ESPN, and a confirmed launch date for Nintendo Online. Also this week, we heard about magazine subscription scams, email scams and streaming music companies battling for the top spot.

Weekly Subscription News Round-up for March 3

A class action suit has been filed against Tidal, the value of Dropbox is in question, and ad block users are willing to disable them in exchange for content. In addition, this week's subscription news headlines include paywalls, ad blockers, unpaid royalties, and payments as a service with stories featuring Shopify, Salesforce, Rocksbox and more.

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