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SaaS 101: The Data Behind The Acronyms

$100 billion in global revenue is a big pie, and when you cut that pie into slices, itís a mess of alphabet soup inside. Hereís a look at CRM, SCM, ERP, HCM, and the rest of the letters that spell SaaS.

The Changing Face Of E-Book Publishing And Subscription Services

The future is bright for e-books. Market penetration is rising. Young people are embracing the medium. Indie publishers are embracing digital business models. But there are challenges that the industry has yet to resolve, and as a result, growth has stopped as the industry has reached a plateau.

How Subscription Streaming Services May Yet Save The Music Industry

Technology has overturned business models and revolutionized the way we enjoy music maybe more than it has any other form of entertainment. That revolution continues to shake up music makers and distributors. But the universal human yearning to listen means that opportunity will be there, somehow. The recording industry seems to be finding that opportunity in anywhere-anytime music, especially on a subscription basis.

Email Growth and Retention: Data-Based Tips To Keep Subscribers Happy

Consumers say they opt-in to email newsletters, promotions, and lists because they want discounts and promotions. Or because they want an offered incentive. Or to support a brand or cause they love. Or to get exclusive content. Our latest trend report takes a close, research-based look at these and other factors that make subscribers smile to see your email.

Beauty Boxes: The Cosmetics Subscription Business Is Looking Good

What do you call a market that has not yet served 65% of its potential customers? A market selling low-weight, easily shipped, relatively high-value merchandise? And that merchandise has broad appeal for everyone from Millennials to Seniors? The beauty box subscription market is ready for growth.

Red, White, and Blue: How Wine Subscription Businesses Are Striving to Meet New Demand While Fighting Archaic State Laws and Regulations

Red or white, rose or sparkling, wine is Americaís new trendy drink. It is being embraced by younger drinkers, who are also those most likely to want experiment with new tastes, making them ideal potential customers for subscription wine clubs. But outdated blue laws make it hard for retailers to ship wine across state lines. Hereís how online wine merchants are satisfying the demand while working through (and around) the regulatory bottlenecks.

Slow Churned: How To Target Retention Efforts So They Don't Backfire

The easy way to do retention is to blast out special offers and rewards to loyal customers, lumping all the steady subscribers, the sleeping dogs, the irregular users, and other at-risk customers into the same anti-churn program. Research shows that, compared with control groups of customers who are not targeted at all, some retention programs actually inspire existing customers to cancel. Here are some of the factors and methods to consider in avoiding that failure mode.

Plastic Payments: Credit Cards, Debit Cards, And Trends in Recurring Transactions

As consumer financial lives move from the realm of physical cash into the cloud, subscribers -- especially younger subscribers -- want to make recurring payments easier, and they are glad to use credit cards to do so. Companies, from credit card providers to online processors to retailers to publishers, are looking to help them do it. But there is the danger of a backlash.