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Paid Podcasts: Traditionally Free Content Steps Softly Toward Subscription

More than 70 million Americans are now podcast listeners, and 23% of them say they would definitely pay for ad-free premium episodes. Those numbers are forecast to rise, and premium delivery methods are evolving to increase ease of use and variety of offerings. The subscription podcast market seems poised for growth.

Cord-Cutting: The Ultimate Subscription Fail

In the third quarter of 2018, over a million subscribers cut the cord and ended their subscriptions to pay TV. How did cable TV providers fail their subscribers so remarkably, and what are they doing to stem the losses?

Subscription Box Fatigue: Myth or Reality?

The subscription box trend has been on the rise for seven or eight years, and the price of that success is saturation. There are more and more indie box companies, plus massive retailers such as Amazon have jumped on board. Have we reached peak box? Here’s a look at the reporting and the data.

Apple Bets That Customers Will Pay for a Bite Every Month

Apple is pushing hard toward subscriptions both in its app store and with its latest cloud and hardware offerings. But the personal computer giant is not blazing a trail with software as a service for consumers: Microsoft and Adobe got there first.

Customer Service Out in the World: Social Media and Your Online Reputation

A third of consumers have complained about companies on social media, and almost 40 percent are OK with using social channels for customer support. What’s your strategy for serving these customers and managing the way they interact with your brand? Remember, whatever your strategy, the Internet is watching!

Netflix Explained: A Company in Possession of Good Fortune

With quarterly revenue nearing $4 billion and 130 million worldwide streaming subscribers and growing, Netflix nonetheless continues to attract criticism — and its volatile stock price reflects that. However, the story behind the data reveals that Netflix’s fundamentals are sound, and that the video-on-demand company with a track record of flexibility is headed in the right direction.

Effective Customer Service Is Quantized Customer Service

A few weeks ago I wrote about the importance of effective customer service. But how do you know if you are delivering that? And what channels -- phone, email, chat, social media, etc. -- should you emphasize? How about innovations like chatbots, intelligent agents, and other automated systems?

Measuring customer service breaks down into two general areas: satisfaction metrics based on customer attitudes and performance metrics based on support staff behavior. …