Natalie Tomasso


Facebook Integration Fuels Growth for Genealogy Research/Social Networking Membership Site

Discover how piggybacked on Facebook’s popularity to create a social networking site for families that includes a premium genealogy research database. Insider spoke with CEO Paul Allen, an online subscriptions pioneer who previously founded, to learn how the site attracts a flood of referrals from Facebook, and how it uses email updates to generate leads for its paid memberships.

How a B2B Site Generates Monthly Memberships and Group Subscriptions by Providing Templates for Marketers

Jesse Hopps, CEO of Demand Metric, describes how his site attracts individual members and group subscriptions with tools and templates that make marketers’ jobs easier. See how adding video overviews of the content doubled the online conversion rate, and how a multi-track email nurturing program helped the inside sales team reduce the number of dials-to-sales by half.

3D Avatar Chat Game Gets Users Engaged, Generates $40 Million Revenue Run Rate

Founded in 2004, it’s taken less than 6 years for IMVU, a 3D avatar chat game and virtual world, to become profitable with a $40 million annual revenue run rate (i.e. estimated annual revenue). The 90-employee company gets a large chunk of that revenue by selling virtual currency to 50 million registered users, including subscribers and non-subscribers. This case study outlines how they do it.