Melanie Stout

As a Partner at PLC, LLC, leading experts in "card-not-present" recurring payments and Pulse Payments Analytics, Melanie Stout brings her recurring payments expertise to optimize payments outcomes for hundreds of subscription merchants.

This expertise has been honed through decades of leading the Product and Marketing teams at subscription businesses across multiple verticals, including SaaS and direct to consumer companies.

PLC, LLC exists to maximize the lifetime value of subscriptions by helping to crush credit card-caused churn. The company's mission is to serve the community of subscription merchants by optimizing their bottom-line credit card processing results through the application of the recurring industry's best practices in the most effective ways. PLC delivers fine-tuned tools and weapons to more than 400 subscription merchants, including, Angie's List, Audible, Conde Nast, Disney, Dollar Shave Club, and Ipsy.

Melanie Stout

Subscription Payment Trends: 7 Trends That Will Impact Your Recurring Payments in 2020

What are the trends and issues that will impact your ability to get paid by your members and subscribers in 2020? This on-demand briefing will help you understand what you need to learn and plan for so you won’t leave money on the table from involuntary churn. Melanie Stout, Partner at PLC, delivers an information-packed session, outlining important trends and actionable insight for all to learn from.

Subscription Payment Trends Impacting Your Bottom Line in 2019

Learn subscription-specific payment trends that will eat into your profitability in 2019. The team at PLC, leading experts in “card-not-present recurring payments”, will outline the key trends your business will need to stay on top of and the strategies you will need to implement in order to minimize their impact. What you will learn: Subscription payment trend data and impact on your profits from 2018. Understand how those trends translate moving forward in 2019. Tactics and best-practices subscription your business should employ to mitigate the negative impact on your profitability from these trends.

Understand the New World of Subscription Chargebacks and Claims Resolution

How do you minimize the financial impact of subscriber complaints, refund requests, and chargebacks while keeping your subscribers happy? In this briefing, we will answer that question and also explore: What is Friendly Fraud? How Do Chargebacks Impact Your Subscription Business?What Is Best Practice For Managing? What are the New Rules for Managing?With a recurring revenue business (especially with card-not-present transactions for monthly and annual subscriptions) getting complaints, refund requests, and chargeback is part of what you need to manage.

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Billing Management Tools: Should You Buy, Build or Something In-Between?

The options available for handling recurring billing (and your subscriber or membership database) are exploding — regardless whether your business is a start-up or large-scale. From all-in-one platforms, WordPress apps, billing engines and platforms to companies that build their own billing and subscriber management platforms, making the right decision for your company is no easy choice.

AMEX Costco Divorce Impact: Declines rocket 25% in July

Since the AMEX-COSTCO “divorce”, many recurring merchants have been proactive reaching out to customers to mitigate its impact since American Express cards operate separately from the Visa/MasterCard Account Updater network.Melanie Stout, of the Paul Larsen Consulting Group, outlines their latest data on declines and on the “divorce’s” ongoing impact to recurring subscription merchants.

One Month In: AMEX Costco Divorce Driving an 18% Increase in Card Declines

Involuntary churn for subscription- and membership-based companies are rising. Its not just due to EMV (chip cards) either. Now that its been a month since the Costco-American Express divorce, we are seeing an 18% increase in decline rates and expect declines to continue to rise in July and August.