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Weekly Subscription News: Publishing, Payments and Profits

Meta threatens to pull FB & Insta from Europe; Snap shares surge after posting 1st profit; Twitter tests ‘downvote’ button.

Publishing, payments and profits were at the top of this week’s list of subscription news headlines. Lion Publishers announced a new small business newsletter specifically for digital news publishers; Dropp launched payment services for creator economy merchants SubscribeStar, Inara and Chillfiltr; and Snap shares surge after the social media company posts its first profit ever. Also, Meta threatens to pull its Facebook and Instagram platforms from Europe, and New Corp says its journalists’ emails were hacked in attack that has been linked to China.

Meta Threatens to Yank Facebook, Instagram in Europe
Media Post

Snap Shares Surge After Social Media Company Posts First Profit
USA Today

News Corp Says Journalists’ Emails Hacked in Attack Linked to China
The New York Times

Twitter’s Tests ‘Downvote’ Button Globally

Amazon Spent $13 Billion on Content Last Year

Lee Enterprises Continues to Show Digital Subscription Growth But Revenues Lag

Dropp Launches Payment Services for the Creator Economy Merchants SubscribeStar, Inara and Chillfiltr
Business Wire

Lion Publishers Launches Small Business Newsletter for Digital News Publishers
Lion Publishers

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