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Exploring Subscriptions: Nokia Patents, Secret Algorithms, AdSense Per Impression Payments, More

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Don’t miss these important stories from Nokia’s worldwide legal pursuit against Amazon for patent infringement, strategic alliances shaping consumer protection by giants like Amazon and Meta, and J.P. Morgan Payments’ collaboration to enhance billing capabilities. Delve into the covert world of Amazon’s ‘Project Nessie,’ a secret algorithm yielding over $1 billion, and Shopify’s impressive 15% surge following an earnings beat. Keep a keen eye on the horizon as Google AdSense signals a shift to per-impression payments in 2024, redefining the ROI of online advertising.

Nokia is suing Amazon in courts around the world for patent infringement


Amazon and Facebook owner Meta agree to protect consumers

The Guardian

J.P. Morgan Payments Partners With BillingPlatform to Enhance Billing Capabilities


Amazon made more than $1B using a secret algorithm called ‘Project Nessie,’ FTC says

The Hill

Shopify Shares Surge 15% on Earnings Beat


Google AdSense Moving to Per-Impression Payments in 2024

9 to 5 Google



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