January 30, 2020

Scroll Offers a New Way to Experience the Internet for $4.99 a Month

If you are tired of slow-loading websites and cookies tracking your every move online, Scroll now offers subscribers a different type of internet experience. For $4.99 a month, subscribers can access websites that load twice as fast and that have 80% fewer trackers. Subscribers can also browse and read completely ad-free on 300+ participating websites. Up to 70% of user subscription fees support partner websites, and Scroll keeps 30% to fund their operations.

Subscription Payment Trends: 7 Trends That Will Impact Your Recurring Payments in 2020

What are the trends and issues that will impact your ability to get paid by your members and subscribers in 2020? This on-demand briefing will help you understand what you need to learn and plan for so you won’t leave money on the table from involuntary churn. Melanie Stout, Partner at PLC, delivers an information-packed session, outlining important trends and actionable insight for all to learn from.