May 18, 2019

Building Customer-Focused Products: Customer Surveys Done Right

Customer surveys are fast and cheap and are extremely effective for gathering market research, if you follow some easy tips. There is a dark side, however, it’s also VERY easy to create a bad survey that delivers low-quality information with misguided direction and insight about your product or business.Diane Pierson walks through the dos and don’ts of creating an effective survey for your subscription business.

Weekly Subscription News: FuboTV, Furniture Rentals and Roku

In this weeks subscription news, EA Access says it is coming to PlayStation 4 gaming consoles soon, FuboTV is looking an expanding into ad-supported original content, and Utahs Megaplex Theatres will launch a subscription service for two movie tickets a month for $14.95. Also the week, Roku stock is doing well, McClatchy reports big increases in digital subscriptions, and rental startup Feather raises $12 million to fight fast furniture.