May 1, 2018

MoviePass Changes Its Subscription Offer…Again

With just over 2 million subscribers, MoviePass has changed its subscription offer…again. New subscribers can sign up for $9.95 a month, but they will only be able to see a movie a week, or four 2D movies a month, instead of the movie-a-day plan previously offered. This news comes two weeks after announcing a special subscription promotion with iHeartRadio, limiting new subscribers to four movies per month. It is not clear how this change impacts current subscribers.

Payment Processors: Partnering with Merchants for Payment Success

Most of the best practices necessary for auto-renewal payments success are provided by and facilitated through your payments partners, especially your processor. Any processor can handle one-and-done transactions. But successfully authorizing recurring transactions requires processors to apply both art and science to their transaction handling. This 68-minute session brings together best-of-breed merchant processors to explain how they put merchants in the best possible position to succeed.

How To Select and Manage Your Processors

Choosing the right processor processing partners from a confusing multi-layered vendor ecosystem can be tricky. There are many things to consider like transaction fees, card types supported, recurring billing capabilities, and even currency support. Poor decision-making when it comes to issues such as terms of pricing, business fit, or processing capability, can each be a deep gash in any subscription businesses underbelly. Managing them once you have selected them is a commitement and effort to do it correctly. Paul Larsen explores all these issues in this 16-minute presentation.