Paul Larsen


Payment Processors: Partnering with Merchants for Payment Success

Most of the best practices necessary for auto-renewal payments success are provided by and facilitated through your payments partners, especially your processor. Any processor can handle one-and-done transactions. But successfully authorizing recurring transactions requires processors to apply both art and science to their transaction handling. This 68-minute session brings together best-of-breed merchant processors to explain how they put merchants in the best possible position to succeed.

How To Select and Manage Your Processors

Choosing the right processor processing partners from a confusing multi-layered vendor ecosystem can be tricky. There are many things to consider like transaction fees, card types supported, recurring billing capabilities, and even currency support. Poor decision-making when it comes to issues such as terms of pricing, business fit, or processing capability, can each be a deep gash in any subscription businesses underbelly. Managing them once you have selected them is a commitement and effort to do it correctly. Paul Larsen explores all these issues in this 16-minute presentation.

Home Depot Data Breach Biggest Ever

Just as the dust was beginning to settle from last year’s massive data breach at Target stores that exposed about 40M credit and debit cards, the industry is reeling from an even larger breach. Home Depot stores have confirmed that about 56M payment cards have been exposed through an attack on their POS system during April-September 2014. The Home Depot credit card breach has, according to Home Depot, only affected customers who purchased in-store and not those who purchased online.

Target Data Breach Impact on Debit Cards

We have seen the impact of the breach in the form of an increase in certain declines that indicate a closed account or potentially fraudulent activity. When viewing data from Paul Larsen Consulting merchants in aggregate, for a mix of credit and debit cards, the rate of Invalid Account Number declines more than doubled over the same time prior year, from just over 9% to 19%. Also on the rise were restricted card and pick up card declines.

Best Practices for Merchants in Response to Data Breaches

With the recent spate of data breaches at major retailers, exposing credit card and personal information for an estimated 110 million Americans, the payments sphere is in a whirlwind of activity.Card not present merchants are already feeling the impacts, and a change or review in best practices and current processes is certainly a good idea. So, what can a CNP merchant expect?