July 19, 2017

Amazon Prime Day 2017 Surpassed Black Friday and Cyber Monday Results

Last Tuesday Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) held its third annual Prime Day with 30 hours of special deals exclusively for Amazon Prime members. Amazon reports that it was the biggest day ever in Amazon history, surpassing previous records set by Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Tens of millions of Prime members made purchases on Prime Day, more than a 50 percent increase over the 2016 event. In addition, Prime Day 2017 grew 60 percent over last year’s event, and more members joined on July 11 than on any single day previously.

Decrease Subscriber Churn With This New Member-Subscriber Welcome Message

Most subscription company owners and managers tell me theyve already built a new member onboarding program and it didnt improve their subscriber churn rate. Robert Skrob, our Subscription Insider Guide to Membership Retention, has a fix for that. He shares his copywriting formula for welcome campaigns that make big improvements on subscriber churn, sometimes cutting 30-day churn rates in half.

The Coming Car Crisis: How Detroit Hopes Auto Subscription Services Will Help Minimize The Damage

Back in 2008, the banking industry was riding high on subprime mortgages that were essentially loans to people who were not good credit risks. Now, a new verse of that tune is playing out in the automotive arena, where subprime car loans are popular, and total auto-associated debt is at record highs. Second verse, same as the first? Automakers are hoping that new car subscription services will mitigate the worst and offer a new model for serving customers who should not be taking out car loans in the first place.

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