April 22, 2017

This Week’s Subscription News: Partners, Platforms and Paying Users

In this week’s subscription news, former Microsoft managers take on LinkedIn with a platform that pays users, AT&T helps partners to seize recurring revenue opportunities, and Amazon helps parents monitor their kids’ online activities. Also in the subscription headlines this week are The Times of London, Bloomberg Media, Facebook’s Instant Articles,Google and messenger bots for Spotify.

Vector abstract futuristic-gear wheel engineering on circuit board. Illustration hi-tech digital telecoms . Speed technology concept. Green and blue color background

Billing Management Tools: Should You Buy, Build or Something In-Between?

The options available for handling recurring billing (and your subscriber or membership database) are exploding — regardless whether your business is a start-up or large-scale. From all-in-one platforms, WordPress apps, billing engines and platforms to companies that build their own billing and subscriber management platforms, making the right decision for your company is no easy choice.