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Weekly Subscription News: Purchases, Podcast Partners and Paid Newsletters

Featuring Apple, FTC, The Atlantic, TikTok and Patreon

Completed purchases, podcast partners and paid newsletters are all in the subscription headlines this week. Apple Subscription Podcasts partners with BBC Studios and Slate; the FTC moves to stop subscription services from deceptive business practices; and The Atlantic is the latest news outlet to go the route of paid newsletters.

Also, the Local Journalism Sustainability Act is dropped from the reconciliation bill, TikTok tries tip jars, and Intuit completes its $12 billion purchase of Mailchimp.

Apple Subscription Podcasts Adds BBC Studios and Slate
Apple Insider

FTC Moves to Stop Subscription Services from Deceptive Practices

The Atlantic Jumps on Paid Newsletter Bandwagon with Nine Emails for Subscribers
Nieman Lab

Local Journalism Sustainability Act (LJSA) Dropped from Reconciliation Bill
America’s Newspapers

TikTok Testing Tip Jars on Select User Profile

Intuit Completes $12B Purchase of Mailchimp

Patreon Confirms It’s Exploring Crypto as a Way for Creators to Make Money

All iOS Users Can Now Super Follow on Twitter
The Verge

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