Weekly Subscription News: Twitch, Switch and a Connectivity Hitch

Featuring Nintendo, Quartz, Slack and Scribd

Weekly Subscription News: Twitch

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This weeks subscription news features everything from gaming and productivity tools to reading and music subscriptions: Quartz lays off business-side employees for the second time this year, Slack goes down due to connectivity issues, and Twitch launches an exclusive subscriber-only stream which might violate its terms of service. Also, Apple Music surpasses 60 million subscribers, Bustle buys Nylon and Nintendo Switch Online is considering adding retro games and other classic systems to its service.

Quartz Lays Off Business-side Employees for Second Time This Year

Slack Goes Down Because of Connectivity Issues

Twitch Launches an Exclusive Subscriber Only Stream
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Scribd Launches Digestible ‘Snapshot’ Summaries To Boost Subscriber Engagement

Apple Music Tops 60 Million Subscribers, Including Users on Free Trials

Bustle Digital Group Buys ‘Nylon,’ Will Push Its Live Experiences
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Google Chrome to Block Heavy Ads that Use Too Many System Resources

Nintendo Switch Online May Soon Add Retro Games from Other Classic Systems
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